Tips for Packing Up Delicate Items

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Your safety of your belongings is important to our professionals at OnDemand Storage, which is why we think it’s important that your delicate items are packed safely. We offer an additional service cost to pack up your items but if you want to do it yourself, read on for some great tips!

Prepare in Advance

If you are going to store fine china or expensive crystal, you will definitely want to tackle these items first. Since it takes time to carefully wrap and pack delicate items, you will not want to leave this task as a last minute packing when our movers arrive.

Get the Right Tools

You will need boxes of various sizes, packing paper, bubble wrap, pliable cardboard, scissors, and packing tape. You can even get some soft cloth or packaging peanuts as an extra layer to wrap your items in. An important thing to note is that if you are using bubble wrap, you will need to consider how heavy the item you are packing it with is. During the moving, it is possible that the heavy items can pop the bubbles and make the wrap less effective.

Give Yourself Space

Packing your belongings can definitely get messy and unorganized but if you are storing expensive, fragile items, organization is essential. You will want a clear space where you can safely rest your items, without risk of them falling, having something fall on them, or having you trip on them!

Mark Your Boxes Clearly

This tip is important for any type of item you are storing; whether it is fragile or not. Use huge labels, vibrant marker colors, and place protective tape over your label to ensure it does not rip, get wiped off, or dirty.


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Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes and Other Items

With the spring season approaching, now is the best time to begin preparing to store your winter belongings.

For certain items, you will want to make sure you do the following preparation:

  • Clothing- If you are storing clothes, you should also clean and wash them before placing them in your storage unit. Dirt, oils, and other substances can cause your fabrics to deteriorate and discolor over time and since you’re storing them, you most likely will not air them out till winter.
  • Coats- Zip or button up the fronts of your coats, empty out the pockets, and hang them on durable hangers. If you have clothing bags, you can also put your coats in them to ensure maximum protection.
  • Boots- If you are storing your winter boots, you will definitely want to clean them off before placing them into storage. Use a wire brush to remove any dirt in the soles, preserve the shape with newspaper or shoe stuffers, and store them in an upright position.
  • Accessories– For any accessories you might have, you should store them in breathable containers. If you have hats, you can stuff them with tissue paper to make sure the shape is preserved.
  • Sweaters– Your sweaters should be cleaned and neatly folded or hung up on hangers to prevent any creasing. If you are folding them, place them into a clear, plastic container with a label. For extra protection, you can place tissue paper between each sweater to prevent color transferring or snagging.
  • Sports Equipment– For any winter sports equipment, you will want to make sure it is clean and placed in high quality sports bags.

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Any items you place in our storage units in Boston, MA, you will want to make sure you clearly label them. If there are any special requests, please notify our professional staff beforehand. Our experts at OnDemand Storage make it their priority to safely transport and store your items. With our summer storage for college students in Boston, MA, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are in good hands!


To schedule a pickup, please give us a call today at (855) 216-6617.

Keeping Your Belongings Safe In Storage

Keeping belongings safe in storage is a major (and legitimate) concern for many of our customers. OnDemand Storage always uses best practices during transportation and in our warehouse, but there are tips and tricks you can use when packing to keep belongings from getting damaged.

  1. Mix Heavy & Light Items – This allows your boxes to have a good weight distribution. At ODS we have a 45lb weight limit per box, not because we’re not strong enough to lift it, but because it puts your belongings in jeopardy. If you have fragile items make sure to make it clear box is designated as fragile. We recommend using recycled newspapers to wrap frames, bowls, cups, or anything else glass that may break! Letting your pick up specialists know which boxes contain fragile items can help prevent disasters as they can take extra special care of those items.
  2. Prepare Furniture Items – Keeping furniture items safe in storage is easier said than done. ODS wraps all furniture items with premium grade plastic wrap to keep the quality of the of the fabric safe. If you have a beautiful wooden bureau, ODS will wrap it in a moving blanket and then using our premium grade plastic wrap to secure it on there. This prevents the wood from getting scratched or damaged.
  3. Wash Clothing– While this may seem intuitive to most, it is unfortunately a real concern. With average storage periods well over 12 months, clothes have plenty of time to get stinky if they are not washed properly. Clothing items can actually get ruined this way, so make sure to give them a fresh wash!
  4. Wardrobe Boxes – To continue with the clothing theme, use wardrobe boxes to hang valuable clothing items. Some clothes can get ruined if they are left folded (or stuffed) into a box. By hanging them up, they will be kept safe and even wearable right out of the box!
  5. Cover/Seal Boxes– This is an ODS rule because we care about your belongings! If items are left uncovered or unsealed without high quality tape (which we can provide) then items can get dusty in storage. This is an easy step and also helps to remind customers not to cram their boxes with a few more items. It’s better to have 10 properly packed boxes than 7 over-packed and inappropriately sealed boxes.

Benefits of Storage With Pick Up

There are far more than three Benefits of storage with pick up, but for the sake of this blog we’ll leave it to three, I don’t to keep you here all night.

  1. No Renting or Borrowing a Truck –  Nobody likes driving a large truck, it’s a stressful and anxiety inducing experience. We’re used to driving around in our sedans (maybe an SUV) and then all of a sudden we’re expected to a load a giant rental truck full of our valuables and maneuver it up to a service door so we can unload it?  The only scenario worse than renting a truck is asking a friend to borrow their truck! Borrowing something only

    Don’t get stuck driving one of these! Let ODS do all the work for you.

    adds more stress because it’s always uncomfortable to ask a friend to for something they made need for their job.

  2. Lifting Heavy Objects – Everyone has lifted something and then felt their back immediately tighten up knowing the next two weeks are going to be full of back stretches and heating pads. “On-demand” style storage is storage with pick up at the customers home. This means we come to your home, do all the heaving lifting/ loading and whisk your items away to be stored until you need them.
  3. No Searching for a Storage Unit – You know what they say in real estate…location, location, location! That statement has never been less true than with OnDemand Storage. We pick up your storage and bring it to our secure facility – this completely nullifies the relevance of location. Your storage unit is with you 24/7/365 accessible from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop so you never have to search for a convenient location ever again. Just one quick click or call and your belongings are on their way back to you!

Why Are Boston Self Storage Facilities So Expensive?

For anyone who rents a self storage facility in Boston you’re probably frustrated by the extremely high cost, right? We decided to do some research to find out what a 10′ x 10′ unit costs in the greater Boston area and compare it to ODS. You won’t be surprised to find out we are the cheapest option around! Before we get into the rental rates in the greater Boston area there are also some other contrasts between OnDemand Storage and traditional self storage.

  1. Rental Increases – OnDemand Storage firmly believes in NO rental increases. Most self storage renters are not even aware they are subject to increases. Many times, rental increases can be as high at 10-15% per year and with the average storage period around 36 months, it adds up! For example, if you rented a self storage unit in Boston for $100 and had an average of 12% increases for three years, that same unit would cost $125, or an extra $300 in year three. Self storage facilities do this because they are limited by the number of units they have at their location and need to keep increasing profits from same number of clients – OnDemand Storage’s superior warehousing method eliminates this problem, eliminating the need for rental increases.
  2. We do the work for you – Self storage facilities charge more and do less, sounds like a great deal for them! OnDemand storage provides pick up, storage, and on-demand return for our clients. We come to your home, school, or business to help you pack, prepare, and haul your items to storage.

Let’s take a look at the prices of 10′ x 10′ self storage units in the greater Boston area.

OnDemand Storage – $150/month (includes pick up)

Highest: $265/month

Lowest: $160 (No pick up or on-demand return)

Average: $185

If you want cheap storage in Boston, OnDemand Storage is the service for you!


Ohio State University Student Storage

OnDemand Storage is excited to announce we will be servicing THE Ohio State University in 2017 by providing pick up, storage, and return of student’s dorm room or apartment belongings. Ohio State is the first Big 10 school that OnDemand Storage is providing storage and shipping services to. Ohio State has a huge need for storage with almost 50,000 students living on campus, that’s a lot of stuff! OnDemand Storage is making it’s push across America and

Ohio State University Summer Storage

Ohio State is one of America’s most well known universities

proving itself to be the #1 Student storage option out there, and now we are excited to be the best student storage option in Columbus, Ohio.

OnDemand Storage’s pricing is great for students because it allows them to be in charge of how much they want to pay! We don’t want anyone to feel like they’re being forced to pay too much for their summer storage, especially for college students we know money can be tight! We have developed a per-item pricing model, with boxes starting as low as $30 for the whole summer! Items are put into 5 different categories and are priced based on their size. For example, a small hand bag or tote is only going to be $20 while a bed is $65. Whether you need to store a whole apartment, or a single box OnDemand Storage is the company for you!

If you sign up using promo code BUCKEYE you will be eligible for savings of $25 on storage of $100 or more! Keep an eye out for our student reps around campus who will be handing out flyers and setting up tables!. We are looking forward to helping the students at Ohio State with their storage needs!

Check out our prices Here or sign up Here

Ohio State University Student Storage

Student Prices for Ohio State University Students. Use BUCKEYE to save $25


3 Reasons to Ditch Your Self Storage Unit

It’s no secret that consumers are unhappy with their self storage units, and who can blame them? All you have to do is a quick google of “self storage complaint” or “self storage reviews” and you’ll see quickly that facilities have massive issues.  OnDemand Storage conducted a survey of several hundred people who had or have  units and discovered that a staggering 70% said they would leave their unit for a better rate and “on-demand” style storage. These numbers are overwhelming and got us thinking about the reasons why customers are so unhappy with their self storage unit.

  1. Unutilized Space – consumers are at the mercy of their self storage facility because facilities only have a finite amount of each unit size available. Considering MA storage facilities are at 90% occupancy, the pickings can be slim. This often leads to overpaying for space because overpaying may be a better option than traveling to the next closest facility (there is no guarantee they have your unit either).

    Does this look like your self storage unit?


  2. Unorganized – Have you ever been so sick of moving your items into your storage unit that you  just start mindlessly throwing items into the unit? This is major issue because remembering what is in our units, never mind a single box, is difficult. To get past this ODS, has created an online inventory system so you can see your entire unit on any smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Our customers can even see what is inside each box!
    Laptop and iPhone with screenshots of OnDemand Storage online

    ODS makes remembering the items in your storage unit easy!


  3. Picking Items up – Finally, ditch your unit to avoid making trips to your dingy self storage facility! ODS will drop off one or all of your items on-demand. Simply log into your online unit, select the item(s) and it’s on the way. No more asking your uncle to borrow his truck so you can get your snow blower or your summer clothes. Lugging items to and from storage is a thing of the past and we’d be excited to remove unnecessary stress from your life!


Look for an OnDemand Storage van on the road in the greater Boston area

Babson College Summer Storage

Babson College students need summer storage! As Babson alumni, the founders of OnDemand Storage: Joe Zanca, Barrett O’Neill, and Rob Caggiano understand the unique needs of the student body at Babson. Babson is known for it’s great entrepreneurship program that brings in students from around the world.

Buy ODS boxes at our pop up tent in Rey’s 3/29 from 10am-2pm

OnDemand Storage has provided storage solutions for over 250 Babson students in the last three years and we’re looking forward to doing it again. Be sure to check out our new technology that allows students to see their items in storage while they are away on summer break.

Need something shipped home mid-summer? No worries, OnDemand Storage can ship items all over the world on-demand.

Here is some insider info for saving money with ODS:

  1. Sign up early! by signing up early you ensure that your desired pick up time is reserved. Also, summer storage becomes one less thing to worry about…More time for finals!
  2. Use the promo code: BEAVERS for $15 off your summer storage price
  3. Use the referral code in your confirmation email to save an additional $10 for you and a friend!

Go Beavs! And good luck with finals!

Boston University Student Storage

Boston University student storage is a real problem on campus, but don’t worry OnDemand Storage is here to help!

Boston University storage options are limited because the school is located in beautiful downtown Boston. Many BU student’s do not have vehicles on campus because the use of  public transit and walkways is common and more convenient than driving. While this is a luxury for most of the year it makes lugging dorm room items to a self storage facility near BU even more difficult!

Here’s how we can help:

OnDemand Storage has realized that colleges and universities like BU have the highest demand for student storage options. For example, Boston University has alumni living in 189 countries around the world, and 24.5% of the student body is international!

Whether you need you summer storage or need to ship items to OnDemand storage and have them delivered to your dorm-we can do it! We take pride in helping international students relieve added stress through our convenient summer storage services. We are looking forward to helping Boston University students have a stress free end of the year and a simple move in process in the fall.