Storage Units in Braintree

Braintree, MA resident’s are in need of storage units in Braintree, but OnDemand Storage is offering a better solution. We provide full service storage in Braintree that includes pick up, secure storage, and delivery of all of your items in storage. There are many pros to using our full service storage solution in Braintree, here are just a few:


  1. We do the heavy lifting – Whether you’re an aging person who can no longer lift that heavy dresser, or need to move out of that large house we can accommodate you. We send our team into your home to prepare all your items for storage right on the spot and then whisk them away to our storage units in Braintree. Don’t hurt your back or inconvenience a friend asking for help, OnDemand Storage will do ALL the heavy lifting!
  2. Request any item at any time – How is this possible? Technology! Whether you have a desktop or a smart phone you’ll be able to log in to your virtual unit where all your items will be photographed and you can manage and request one, or all of your items at anytime! Once you request the item(s) it will be picked from your unit, loaded into our vehicle and delivered wherever you want.
  3. How long does delivery take? – We do our best to deliver all items within 24 hours of request, so long as you’re in the 24 hr. delivery zone. This includes Rt. 495 and east, so there is a good chance you will be.  OnDemand Storage makes your storage solution in Braintree as easy as making a call or logging onto

3 Tips for Going Back to College

summer storage BostonThe days of pool floats and piña coladas are coming to an end, and the days of homework and deadlines are among us! At OnDemand Storage, we have many students who utilized our summer storage in Boston during their travels back home and abroad, which is why we want to help them get back in the swing of things for the upcoming school year! Below we have listed 3 helpful tips to help your transition from summer to school be seamless.

  1. When preparing for the school year, it is vital to ensure your dorm is ready to go for the semester! Our storage specialists can ensure your items from our summer storage in Boston will arrive to your dorm room the day it is needed! We can also help unpack your items to help save you time and money.
  2. After your dorm is unpacked with your belongings, it is time to stock the place full of essentials. Making sure you have a microwave and your favorite snacks will help your study sessions be more productive.
  3. Checking your class schedule and buying any needed school supplies is always a must to ensure your first day of classes goes smoothly.

Preparing for the school year is a great way to start your semester off right! Contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our OnDemand Storage Ship to School program.

What to do with my summer clothes?

If you’re like most people living in a major metropolitan area, you’re living with about 1/3 of the space you actually need! One great way to make space in your apartment is to put your summer clothes into storage. BUT, there are also some other options as well that can make getting them back easier and help you avoid wasted space even when your outfit is in season.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Identify the pieces you do not wear and donate them. Aside from the obvious benefit of helping those in need, it will undoubtedly create more space in your apartment because in reality we all have a lot of articles we just don’t wear anymore. There could be a million reasons –maybe it went out of style or doesn’t quite fit anymore. Either way, do some good!
  2. Clean your clothing before putting into storage. Putting dirty clothes in storage means you ill get dirty clothes back. Also, there is a potential the clothes can be beyond reprieve if you put them in smelly. Also, it’s just gross to store clothes that have not been cleaned.
  3. Get a wardrobe box! Do not store that really nice sun dress crammed in a box. You do not want to get it returned and have it in an unwearable state with creases permanently in it. If you are going to put T-shirts in a box, try to pack them loosely to avoid creasing.
  4. Where are you going to store it? With OnDemand Storage, we will provide packing materials, pick up, storage, and on-demand return from your virtual storage unit. It’s the most convenient and stress free storage solution in America.
  5.  Can I still wear it? Don’t pack as fast as you can to be done with it. Remember some articles of clothing can be worn year round. For example a cocktail dress, while it’s not the warmest clothing for a cold winter – you may need a nice outfit to wear to a formal event. You’ll be stuck requesting items back or buying news ones.

Tips for Subletting your Boston Apartment

Hello City-Dwellers! Here are some tips for subletting your Boston apartment. Subletting sounds great in theory, it sounds like an easy way out of a contract that no longer suits your needs, but like most things in life – there us more than meets the eye!

The first step is to READ YOUR CONTRACT and make sure you have the legal ability to sublet your apartment. Many times, individuals run into trouble when they tell their friend they can sublet their apartment from them. Then, your friend locks him/herself out of your apartment and decided to call the property manager, who then learns you’ve sublet your apartment. The result: your friend is on the street and you’re on the hook for the rent! It may make for sense to “break” your lease (this is typically a 1 month rent penalty). Moral of the story here is to find your friend who is in law school or a real estate lawyer and do some self educating here.

So you’ve checked with your lease and/or your landlord and you’re ready to sublet your apartment. Here are some other tips to help you have a smooth transition during your sublease

  1. U Loop – If you live in the Fenway/Kenmore area this is a perfect site for you. Many times university students need to sublet their apartments for the summer or before graduation. This is also a great place to look for an apartment to sublease if you are in need of a shorter-term obligation than the traditional 12 month lease.
  2. Ask your roommates – YOU may be moving on, but your roommates are not. Therefore, you must consider them in the decision because they are going to have to live with this new roomie. It always pays to be courteous.
  3. They are YOUR tenant – when you decide to sublet your apartment the new tenant becomes your tenant. Legally, you are their landlord. It might help to meet this person face to face to get a better feel if it’s someone you can depend on to do well by you.
  4. Prepare for your exit: If you’re going to a new city or on a trip consider using a storage option. OnDemand Storage will send collection specialists to help you pack, label, and prepare your belongings for storage. We then take them to our climate controlled storage facility in Boston for safekeeping until you return. Through your virtual storage unit, you now have the ability track and request items at any time!


79% of Boston leases start on 9/1. Subleasing may be your only option outside this rental period.

3 Reasons OnDemand Storage is the Most Convenient Storage Solution

It’s no secret that the “on demand” trend has sunk it’s teeth deep into many different industries. For example, companies like Blue Apron, have made their mark in the pre-made meal delivery market, while the Lyft’s and Uber’s of the world have the taken on the taxi industry and have made a real impact. OnDemand Storage believes we provide the same sort of opportunities in the outdated and labor-intensive self storage process. Take a quick look here at the ways we are disrupting self storage to make it more convenient for you!

1. Pick Up – Need something picked up in the next 24 hours? Great, schedule a pick over the phone or online…and you’re done. It’s really that simple. OnDemand Storage provides a truly convenient self storage option for our clients. At a self storage facility  you would have to rent a truck, pack the truck, and then pack the unit, return the truck, buy a lock, remember where you put they key, and remember your passcode to get into the facility. Sounds like a nightmare!

Conveniently, ODS has a beautiful online platform that allows the you to log in and see, manage, and request any of your items at any time! We do our best to deliver within 24 hours truly providing unmatched customer service. In some markets, we have rolled out same day delivery of stored items. Enjoy your storage unit in the extra space you now have!

2. Customer Service – A self storage facility in Boston is typically manned by a…gate. That’s right, how does a gate provide customer service? The answer is, it does not. That’s how ODS is different! We have a full time customer service staff that aims to make your experience with OnDemand Storage as convenient as possible. We provide space for your belongings and a pleasant experience…can you find a self-storage facility that prioritizes convenience? Doubt it!

3. On-Demand Return – Need something from your unit? No big deal, simply select the item(s) you want returned and then they are on the way. In Many markets returned can guaranteed within 24 hours. At the end of the day, the belongings are yours an ODS strives to make our process far more convenient than self storage, so we always do our best to return items as fast as possible!



Why use Storage Units in Boston?

OnDemand Storage loves Boston, MA because we are born and raised here, but also because there are a million reasons to use storage units in Boston! In this post we are going to outline some of the reasons Bostonians should not only use storage units, but need storage!

1. Four (Legitimate) Seasons – If you live on the white sand beaches of Naples or the consistent high 70s of San Diego it makes your life a lot easier! Bostonians must deal with and prepare for four legitimate seasonal changes. This means we have a lot more stuff than people in other areas, making our need for storage real. With temps soaring into the high 90s in July and dipping to well below freezing all winter we obviously need many wardrobes. Storing clothing is a great way to create extra space in your home. Use Wardrobe boxes (pictured below) so you can hang your clothes and they’ll be ready for use right hen you take them out of the box.


Storing seasonal clothing creates extra space in your home!

2. Seasonal Sports/ Activities – Make the most of your seasonal sports and hobbies by putting the gear into a storage unit when you cannot use it! Playing ice hockey is one of a Bostonian’s favorite winter pastimes, but the bag is bulky and the equipment stinks! Remove it from your apartment dwelling by scheduling a pick up here. Do you like to bike to work in summer/ early fall? Well you can’t when the roads are covered in ice and snow! Bicycle storage is a great way to maximize the space in your closet for your bulky winter jackets and snow pants. Also, you can exchange your bicycle for your skis so when the weather warms up you can always ensure that you have the maximum amount of space.


3. Small/Expensive Dwellings – Some parts of Boston the average price per sf of space is upwards of $1100! If you’re going to pay such a premium to live in one of the best cities in the world make sure you can enjoy the space. Storage units in Boston can help make your experience in Boston better because it can allow you to not feel cramped even though many your dwelling may be small!


OnDemand Storage provides Self Storage in Boston, but we provide convenient pick up and delivery of your items at your request. We have an intuitive online platform that allows you to be in control of your storage unit from the comfort of your home!


South Boston Real Estate

South Boston has become an increasingly desirable location for young professionals and families to reside. South Boston Real Estate prices have sky rocketed in recent years due to rapid development and increasing demand. Despite the rapid building, supply cannot keep up, boosting the median sale price in 2017 to $631,000. In the past 15 years home price have risen 89% compared to 6.7% between 1990 and 2000. This is a testament to the gentrification taking place all over Boston, more specifically in South Boston.

The increase in South Boston Real Estate prices have had many driving factors, namely the increasing levels of higher education. In 2000, only 30% of South Boston Residents had a bachelor’s degree. As of 2015, over 70% of residents have a bachelor’s degree. Higher educations drives investment into local businesses, attracting more residents and ultimately driving the real estate prices upward. This can be seen by the development along West Broadway through retail, multifamily, and dining options.

The average price per square foot in Southie is $577 as of April 2016. With many condos averaging around 800-1000 sf wasting space at such a high price is not an option. Considering using a storage option! One major problem is many Bostonians do not have cars or the means to transport seasonal items to storage. OnDemand Storage can help you solve this problem via our full service option. We come right to your location to provide pick up. We then transport your valuables to our climate-controlled and secure warehouse. We’ll then create an online inventory of all of your items so you can see, manage, and request your items at any time. Need something back? No worries, simply log into your online unit and select them item and schedule deliver.

OnDemand Storage understands the unique needs to South Boston residents because we are South Boston residents! We understand the beautiful, but defined seasons in Boston make cramming all 4 wardrobes into one a closet a necessity. Our goal is to solve this problem for you by doing everything for you. Just sign up, pack, and you’re done!

Prepare for your upcoming move

Do you have an upcoming move? Moving is stressful, so we have compiled a list of things to keep in mind, to help you keep your peace of mind!


1. Call Several Moving Companies – While on the surface a moving company may seem the exact same as the next one – this is not true! There are many differentiating factors to be considered when choosing a company. Obviously, price is an important factor. Many moving companies charge from the time they turn their truck on until the time they return back to their place of business. Even though company A may have a cheaper rate (hourly), company B may have much better proximity to your move, shortening the overall time it takes to complete the job.

Are your belongings very nice? Do you have specialty items? Where are you in your life financially? If your belongings are extremely high-end you may want to consider using a company that specializes in moving expensive and delicate belongings. While it may seem nice to save a few dollars, filing an insurance claim is timely and In reality there is no doubt you’ll fight for every dollar. If you have a specialty item, most commonly a pool table or a piano you may want to consider having a specialized mover come for that one item. Again, there will be no cost savings using this method, but your chance of success is much higher. There are several specialty movers that can move an expensive and delicate piano with ease and proper insurance in the event of a tragedy.

If you’re a year out of college living in an apartment in Boston, MA you may want to consider using a company on the cheaper end of the scale. This can save you valuable dollars while you’re still getting used to paying rent and student loans. ODS does recommend asking questions about their insurance policies to make sure you are fully covered even if your belongings are not worth exorbitant amounts of money.

2. Pack with a Plan – We can stress this enough, whether you’re moving your items to an on demand storage unit or to your new home a packing plan is of the utmost importance. By packing like items with one another it makes unpacking, or requesting items from storage a breeze. Organization is key and also you can make your life a lot easier by following these tricks:

  • Put heavy items in a rolling suitcase
  • Pack all your accessories before movers get there [This will significantly shorten the total time of the move]
  • Label all boxes in the same location to prevent searching or label location [i.e. top left corner]

3. Start Packing Early – Starting a month before your move is a great idea because it will directly correlate to your organization. If you try to cram you may not have enough time (or patience) to label and pack correctly. Starting early will undoubtedly make your move less stressful.

4. Schedule Ahead of Time- The best way to lock in a competitive rate is to book months in advance. A moving company in Boston is more likely to give you a better rate if you call ahead. Remember many people need moves at the same time when lease terms end or begin, therefore booking early makes it easier for the company to build their schedule and they will reward you financially for it. Calling last minute is a sure fire way to not be able to find a mover or be subject to extremely expensive hourly rates.



How to Store Shoes and Boots

Check out the best ways to store shoes and boots!

Whether you’re a millennial who’s living in the city to starting out in your career or a downsizer trading suburban comfort for urban excitement; maximizing your space is always going to be on the forefront of your mind. Somehow we always seem to accumulate a massive collection of shoes and their always getting in the way and creating a mess at the bottom of our closets. Here are some tips so you can utilize that valuable space in the bottom of your closet!

1. Categorize

We have shoes for different occasions. We recommend storing shoes with some sort of system. Two common systems that are effective are storing according to:

  1. Frequency – How often do you wear these shoes? Are they only for special occasions? Everyday? Work or play?
  2. Color/Style – Are these heels? Boots? Sneakers? Also, we often times choose a shoe based on it’s color making it a quick and easy way to identify the pair we are seeking quickly.
How to store shoes

color coding shoes helps to make it easier to find what you’re looking for!

2. Store Shoes in Clear Boxes

Boxes/bins make everything easier. Storing in bins allows you to stack your shoes in a neat controlled manner. Cramming all your shoes into one large bin is going to make finding the pair you want difficult and time consuming. Check out some of the awesome options the Container Store has for storing shoes.


Storing shoes in clear bins makes finding them a breeze


3. Store Special Occasion Shoes at the Top

Everybody has that pair (or pairs) of shoes they have spent way too much money on, especially because their reserved for the super high end events. To avoid running into them more than their annual visit, simply store them at the very top of your closet. This way when you’re looking for your everyday shoes you will not run into them, but when you do need them you’re not rummaging through large boxes full of shoes and you’ll know exactly where you stored your expensive pair!



Store your high end heels at the top of your closet


4. Get Creative

Do you live in really small space? Do you want to keep your shoes out of your main closet? Well, then get creative! You can search websites like Pinterest  for awesome (functionally & looking) ideas. I have put some photos of ODS favorites below!



5. Use OnDemand Storage

Even the most creative ideas still rob space from other, more pressing space concerns. Let ODS bring you a plastic bin and store some of your off-season shoes and boots in our climate controlled and secure warehouse. Once the weather turns and you need your sandals or your winter boots back, you’re a click away from a front door delivery.


5 Reasons to Consider a Move to Boston

There are many reasons to consider a move to Boston, as a Boston based company OnDemand Storage feels uniquely qualified to offer insight into some of the best things Boston has to offer. If you want to check 30 other reasons to move to Boston check out this article here.

Economics – Boston has a local economy of almost $370 Billion. Wow! Boston is one of the greatest places to start or move a business, we have the worlds brightest minds and loads of young talent to help you grow.

Sports – Title town! Are you an avid sports fan? We know you probably hate Boston sports teams, that is until you move to Boston. When you can root for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, it suddenly becomes a lot more fun!

Schools – Boston is home to some of the most prestigious public school systems, private and/or prep schools, and universities.  If you move to Boston for academics you’ll have the opportunity to learn at the highest level. Boston is home to Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, and many others. If you have a young family or are planning to, check out this article here (hint: MA has the best public schools in America).

History – We have an extremely rich history that will make your move to Boston exciting! Boston is one of the oldest cities in America and was instrumental in the early years of our nation. Whether you walk through the cobblestone streets of the North End or the gentrified brownstones of the south end you are going to be following in the footsteps of some of our nations founders including Paul Revere and John Adams!

Great Food – A move to Boston will open a new world of possibilities for your taste buds! Boston is home to many different kinds of restaurants. Go to Boston’s North End for authentic Italian food that can only be rivaled in Italy or head to the Seaport District and enjoy the east coasts best seafood straight out of the ocean. Boston has hundreds of great restaurants that will keep your Friday and Saturday nights occupied for years.