Dorm Room Storage

Dorm Room Storage

There is no denying the colleges years are great and we all wish we could go back and relive them. However, moving out at the end of the school year is not something I wish to relive. It’s hot, crowded and you have to lug all your dorm room belongings down the stairs and pack up dads car. Dorm room storage should not be an issue because OnDemand Storage sends pick up specialists directly to your room to help you pack and bring items down the stairs.

We try it to make our service as convenient as possible for students and their families by providing boxes and packing materials ahead of time so students can take a week or two to pack all their items thoughtfully so it makes sense to them. Boxes help make the process go smoothly on move out day as ODS pick up specialists arrive at your dorm with proper equipment (dolly’s/hand trucks) so we carefully load your belongings onto our truck.

A whole dorm room storage plan is typically includes 4 boxes, 1 suitcase, and a bulky item (I.e. mini fridge/microwave/fan). OnDemand Storage makes for the dorm room storage process so much easier because we take the stress of out of move out and move in for parents and students alike.

We charge on a per item basis because that leaves families in charge of the amount they can and/or want to pay. If you want to store 1 box, 50 boxes, 5 fridges, anything – we can take it.  We are the #1 student storage option in America and look forward to working w/ students all over the country!





Professional Organizers Can Help You

3 Ways Professional Organizers Can Help You

Life is constantly changing which means being a master of transition is a very valuable skill. As members of NAPO-NE , we have learned just how much energy, thought, and detail goes into helping someone organize for a move or a new stage of life. Using a professional organizer will allow you to attack your new situation with confidence, excitement, and organization. Even though there are many reasons to use a professional organizer this blog aims to point out a few

  1. They create process – a major misconception of this industry is that they are employed to “help lazy people clean”. This could not be more false, in reality professional organizers provide sustainable processes that create order and organization in ones life. There are countless studies that prove clutter can lead to stress which causes major health (physical and mental) in the long run. A skilled organizer will install processes that someone can follow easily to keep order over a long period of time. Think of them as a skilled personal trainer writing your training program.
  2. Connections – when you hire an organizer you are gaining access to their rolodex of contacts that include moving companies, appraisers, realtors, landscapers, etc. They can help you choose the right professionals to restore order in other areas of your life as well. They become of the coach of organizational processes that go on in and around your life!
  3. Provide assistance – let me guess, you use an accountant with your taxes? Organizers are not trying to install a one-size fits all program to your life. Everyone does things their own and their mind works differently, in short, they work with your situation to make sure you get the best benefit just like your accountant. They are going to make suggestions and use proven techniques, but tailor them to you!

Hiring a professional organizer will help make your life more enjoyable because there will be processes and order around your home which will translate to work, relationships, etc. Scour through the NAPO-NE site ( and find a professional organizer near you!

Valet Storage in Boston

Valet Storage in Boston

Our entire economy is facing an overhaul from the on-demand economy, it started out in ridesharing and now infiltrated alcohol, food, storage, and a wide range of other services. This speaks to the Millennial generation demanding products and services immediately through their smartphones or computers.

Lyft and Uber are the obvious the examples because they transport individuals from point A to point B with the click of a button. But is it possible to have your extra “stuff” transported just as easily? the answer is yes, OnDemand Storage provides the most reliable and convenient valet storage in Boston and the surrounding areas.

How exactly does it work? It’s beyond simple! You estimate what you would like to put in storage (just a rough idea) whether it be a bedroom, a living room, a 1 bedroom condo, or a an entire home.  Our valet storage service also inquires about packing help and/or materials you may need and can be brought to the pick up so items are properly and professionally stored. As they are loaded into an OnDemand Storage vehicle they are photographed and inventoried.

Within 24 hours of pick up, the customer can log into their virtual storage unit via any smartphone, tablet, or computer and see all the items they put into storage with OnDemand Storage.

But I want one item back, can I do that? Yes! Whether it just got cold out, hot out, or you really want your favorite pair of shoes – it’s not a big deal. ODS will bring one or all of your items back to you at anytime! Oh, and you don’t even have to call. Log into your unit select “Return” and then highlight the items you want back, where and when, and they are on the way!

Think of OnDemand Storage as an extra storage closet on your iPhone – wow, you mean all my items are accessible from my iPhone? Yes, Steve Jobs truly was a pioneer!

With OnDemand Storage you can literally put every item from your 5,000 sf home into your phone – pretty cool. Valet storage in Boston is here and we want to help every person transitioning or overpaying for a small apartment to maximize their space without sacrificing their body or time to do so.

Check out ODS prices here (Hint: They are cheaper than overpriced self storage)


Storage for Household Items

Do you need storage for household items?

Whether you’re moving into a 500 sf apartment in back bay or getting ready to welcome a new a baby into the world – storage for household items is going to be a necessity at some point in your life. However, there are many different questions to be considered about your different options. Where should I store them? How should I pack? When will I need them? Will I ever need them? What can I afford? Those are just a few of the questions you may have.

First, decide what you may be able to junk. While junking items is not free in the long run it will save you money. We recommend calling 1-800-GOT-JUNK if you find you may have some belongings that just aren’t worth storing.

So, you’ve thrown away all that stuff that you’re not sure why you had in the first place. Next, packing is an essential part to making sure your household items in storage are safe and are functional when taken out of storage. A great example is a television, make sure it goes into a TV Box with some padding or bubble wrap. You never know how temperatures may change or something may fall, or it may get dropped during transport. It’s always better to spend a little extra to get the proper packing materials.  You may even want to hire a professional packing service depending on the amount of items that will be entering storage and for how long.

How am I getting my household items into storage? You can rent a U-Haul, call your friend with a pick up, or pack your car so only you can fit! All of these options sound terrible – and that’s why you should give OnDemand Storage a call. We can pick up, securely store, and return things on demand! Think of us as your storage partner on your iPhone. You have access to all of your belongings whenever you want, without lifting a finger! Learn more…

lastly, what can I afford (or feel like paying)? Storage is an expense but often times a necessary one. Identify the items you want to store and find a company that does exact space pricing. OnDemand Storage prices your items according to cubic feet NOT square feet. What does this mean? It means you save money because we’re not wasting a bunch of space in a storage unit!

How to Properly Pack Artwork & Pictures

storage solutions Boston MAThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why is it important to protect your precious memories when moving. Below we have useful tips for properly packing artwork and pictures to help protect them during the move.

  • To help protect your frames from becoming chipped or broken, it is imperative to use proper packing material. We recommend wrapping frames taping down the glass to the frame and then wrapping the frame in bubble wrap. Be sure to cover the corners of the frames properly as well, since they are more delicate.
  • When choosing boxes to wrap your artwork in, it is best to use sturdy boxes that fit the picture snug, so it does not have much room to move, but not too tight where it would ruin the frame. If you have many small picture frames, we recommend wrapping the frames individually and placing them tightly in a box on their side because they will absorb pressure easier. It is important to write “Fragile” in clear handwriting on every side of the box to remind the movers to be extra careful while moving.
  • We recommend wedging larger pictures and artwork in-betweens larger objects to protect them from falling over in the moving truck. Placing large portraits between mattresses is an excellent way to keep your frames upright yet against something soft.

If you are looking for storage solutions in Boston, MA, contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our storage services.

Tips to Declutter Your Home Part 2

Boston storage facilitiesLast week our blog featured organizational advice regarding your kitchen and living room area, this week we will cover decluttering tips for your closet and bathroom. At On Demand Storage, we strive to help our customers have an organized space, which is why we provide helpful tips to clean your area.

When it comes to uncluttering your home, your closet may seem like a daunting task because we tend to hoard items that we think we will wear in the future. We recommend donating clothing items that you have not worn for more than a year. Utilizing baskets is a great way to store belts, hats, shoes, and other accessories to make your closet more efficient in space. Donating your children’s clothes that are too small and old toys is also a great way to declutter closet space.

For all your bathroom essentials, from towels to cotton balls, it is easy for a restroom to become cluttered. We recommend utilizing storage containers and baskets to help organize your space. Consider using jars that are functional yet decorative to hold items such as Q-tips, cotton balls, makeup remover wipes, and more. Baskets are a great way to save storage space in your linen closet. Placing your hair tools and products in one basket will save space in drawers and countertops.

If you are interested in decluttering your home, look to our Boston storage facilities! Contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our convenient services.


Tips to Declutter Your Home

Boston storage unitsDecluttering a space can be a rewarding and therapeutic process to many homeowners.  When it comes to organizing your space, On Demand Storage is here to help by not only supplying convenient Boston storage units but by providing helpful tips to clean your area.

Since the kitchen is a vital area in your home, we recommend starting the decluttering process there. Cardboard boxes are often bulky and inefficient when it comes to keeping your food clean, which is why we like to store our food in airtight storage containers and jars. Containers save space in your cabinets and pantry by being stackable and more proficient. While transferring your food to storage containers, we recommend tossing any food or spices that may be old or never to clear space for new food.

Moving on to the living room area and entrance area, we recommend utilizing baskets to help organize your space. Baskets are a great way to keep items together while hiding them visually. We like to store shoes in baskets near the front door while using baskets to store blankets and movies in the living room. Baskets add a decorative touch to your space while helping organize your items.

At On Demand Storage, we provide clean and affordable Boston storage units to help store the items you may not have room for in your home. Contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our prices and facilities.


3 Reasons Why Our Storage Unit Is Unique

full service storage BostonAt OnDemand Storage, our full service storage in Boston allows us to stand out from the crowd due to our unparalleled services and state of the art technology! Check below to learn the 3 main reasons that set our company apart from conventional self-storage units.

  1. When you turn to our storage specialists, you can expect to find perfect storage solutions for all your needs! We offer a wide variety of plans that can accommodate items of all sizes. After you choose your plan, our team comes to you in order to pick up your items needed for storage to provide extra convenience and efficiency in packing.
  2. Our storage solutions feature online capabilities and state of the art technology. Our online app allows our customers to view every item they have in storage for accountability and access. If you need an item in storage, you can utilize our app and a member of our team will personally deliver it to you!
  3. Unlike other self-storage units, our full service storage in Boston does not allow the public to access their storage units. We utilize our online app to communicate pickups and deliveries to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Our storage specialists also ensure your items are stored properly and efficiently for preservation.

If you are interested in learning more about our Boston storage units, contact us today at (855) 216-6617.

Storage Units in Framingham

Storage units in Framingham is a diverse market because there are many different types of housing all which require needs when it comes to decluttering or creating extra space in homes.  Some residents live in an urban setting, most notably on the south side of town, where there are a lot of apartment buildings, and the need for seasonal storage and extra living space is a real concern.

Extra space in Framingham can be hard to come by because there are no conveniently located self storage facilities. Also, many urban dwellers do not have the means to move items to storage because they do have the proper vehicles.

On the north side of town there are some large homes are in need of storage, but for different reasons. Many times these homes sell and the owners downsizing because they have become empty-nesters. With houses 3000+ sf, there is no need for that much space anymore.

But why do they need storage?

Homeowners need storage in north Framingham because they want to be able to keep belongings for when their children have a house of their own. This is typical when an older couple moves out of their family home, they will pass down their items to their children to help ease the cost of the expensive home buying process.

If you live in Framingham call OnDemand Storage at 781-499-5330 and we will provide storage with pick up – all for cheaper than self storage. We create a virtual storage unit that can be accessed via at anytime, you have the ability to request one or all of the items back at anytime!

Storage is finally convenient again!

Fall Storage Ideas

Now that summer 2017 has officially come to and end, OnDemand Storage can help you with fall storage ideas to help you maximize space around your home and decrease clutter. Saturday’s have traded sunny beach days for cool college football games, so pool furniture is the perfect place to begin.

ODS can store pool furniture because often times it is bulky, takes up a lot of space, and can easily get ruined if not properly stored. With our massive warehouse storage concept, we have ample space for proper storage. Don’t pack your basement or your shed with expensive pool furniture, we’ll come pick it up!

Lawnmower storage can help save you space in your garage. Lawnmowers are not garage friendly because they’re oddly shaped and they end up taking up more space than it’s worth. OnDemand Storage can come pick up your lawnmower and easily store it in our warehouse. Although, you must remove any excess gasoline from the tank as flammables are not allowed to be stored.

Halloween decoration storage will help you free up attic or closet space. While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, but it is not practical to waste space for 11/12 months in those precious closets. OnDemand Storage can deliver your Halloween decorations in early October and pick them up in early November.

Summer clothing storage is another great way to maximize closet space. Especially if you live in Boston where closet space is at a premium. We’ll deliver wardrobe boxes and you can hang your summer clothes in there and we’ll safely store your summer clothing.

Check out some seasonal storage tips