3 Reasons OnDemand Storage is the Most Convenient Storage Solution

It’s no secret that the “on demand” trend has sunk it’s teeth deep into many different industries. For example, companies like Blue Apron, have made their mark in the pre-made meal delivery market, while the Lyft’s and Uber’s of the world have the taken on the taxi industry and have made a real impact. OnDemand Storage believes we provide the same sort of opportunities in the outdated and labor-intensive self storage process. Take a quick look here at the ways we are disrupting self storage to make it more convenient for you!

1. Pick Up – Need something picked up in the next 24 hours? Great, schedule a pick over the phone or online…and you’re done. It’s really that simple. OnDemand Storage provides a truly convenient self storage option for our clients. At a self storage facility ¬†you would have to rent a truck, pack the truck, and then pack the unit, return the truck, buy a lock, remember where you put they key, and remember your passcode to get into the facility. Sounds like a nightmare!

Conveniently, ODS has a beautiful online platform that allows the you to log in and see, manage, and request any of your items at any time! We do our best to deliver within 24 hours truly providing unmatched customer service. In some markets, we have rolled out same day delivery of stored items. Enjoy your storage unit in the extra space you now have!

2. Customer Service – A self storage facility in Boston is typically manned by a…gate. That’s right, how does a gate provide customer service? The answer is, it does not. That’s how ODS is different! We have a full time customer service staff that aims to make your experience with OnDemand Storage as convenient as possible. We provide space for your belongings and a pleasant experience…can you find a self-storage facility that prioritizes convenience? Doubt it!

3. On-Demand Return – Need something from your unit? No big deal, simply select the item(s) you want returned and then they are on the way. In Many markets returned can guaranteed within 24 hours. At the end of the day, the belongings are yours an ODS strives to make our process far more convenient than self storage, so we always do our best to return items as fast as possible!