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3 Reasons Why Our Storage Unit Is Unique

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3 Reasons Why Our Storage Unit Is Unique, OnDemand StorageAt OnDemand Storage, our full service storage in Boston allows us to stand out from the crowd due to our unparalleled services and state of the art technology! Check below to learn the 3 main reasons that set our company apart from conventional self-storage units.

  1. When you turn to our storage specialists, you can expect to find perfect storage solutions for all your needs! We offer a wide variety of plans that can accommodate items of all sizes. After you choose your plan, our team comes to you in order to pick up your items needed for storage to provide extra convenience and efficiency in packing.
  2. Our storage solutions feature online capabilities and state of the art technology. Our online app allows our customers to view every item they have in storage for accountability and access. If you need an item in storage, you can utilize our app and a member of our team will personally deliver it to you!
  3. Unlike other self-storage units, our full service storage in Boston does not allow the public to access their storage units. We utilize our online app to communicate pickups and deliveries to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Our storage specialists also ensure your items are stored properly and efficiently for preservation.

If you are interested in learning more about our Boston storage units, contact us today at (855) 216-6617.