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3 Ways Professional Organizers Can Help You

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Life is constantly changing which means being a master of transition is a very valuable skill. As members of NAPO-NE , we have learned just how much energy, thought, and detail goes into helping someone organize for a move or a new stage of life. Using a professional organizer will allow you to attack your new situation with confidence, excitement, and organization. Even though there are many reasons to use a professional organizer this blog aims to point out a few

  1. They create process – a major misconception of this industry is that they are employed to “help lazy people clean”. This could not be more false, in reality professional organizers provide sustainable processes that create order and organization in ones life. There are countless studies that prove clutter can lead to stress which causes major health (physical and mental) in the long run. A skilled organizer will install processes that someone can follow easily to keep order over a long period of time. Think of them as a skilled personal trainer writing your training program.
  2. Connections – when you hire an organizer you are gaining access to their rolodex of contacts that include moving companies, appraisers, realtors, landscapers, etc. They can help you choose the right professionals to restore order in other areas of your life as well. They become of the coach of organizational processes that go on in and around your life!
  3. Provide assistance – let me guess, you use an accountant with your taxes? Organizers are not trying to install a one-size fits all program to your life. Everyone does things their own and their mind works differently, in short, they work with your situation to make sure you get the best benefit just like your accountant. They are going to make suggestions and use proven techniques, but tailor them to you!

Hiring a professional organizer will help make your life more enjoyable because there will be processes and order around your home which will translate to work, relationships, etc. Scour through the NAPO-NE site ( and find a professional organizer near you!