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Advantages of Using a Commercial Storage Unit

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Whether you are looking for business storage or a commercial storage service, you may not be looking in the right area. All companies are built different and some have different needs. Just because business storage and commercial storage works for some companies, doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. Don’t want your items to be held at an offsite location? Commercial storage units may be better fit for you! In this blog, we discuss the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of using a commercial storage unit.


Advantage: Location of the Commercial Storage Unit

Most of the time when conducting business or commercial storage, finding a local moving and storage company can be difficult. Many local storage companies are located away from your business location. Especially if you live in the Boston area, this likely means that it is necessary to fight through traffic, in order to access the business storage.

By utilizing a commercial storage unit, companies and individuals are able to have a storage unit delivered onsite. The commercial storage unit will also stay onsite, for as long as it is necessary (and for as long as the bill is paid). Instead of having to travel back and forth to the storage unit, a company is able to access all of their items that they may need. This is especially great for companies that need regular access to equipment and products, such as building supplies.


Advantage: Cost Savings

In addition to ease of access, another advantage for utilizing a commercial storage onsite is that it is much cheaper, than storing items at a storage service location. When storing items with a local moving and storage company, not only are you paying for use of the storage unit, but you are also paying for the cost to keep your company’s possessions on their grounds. By utilizing a commercial storage unit that sits on your property, you avoid paying extra fees. That is why commercial storage units are cheaper!


Advantage: Simple Use

Using a commercial storage unit is simpler than utilizing a full service storage company. There is no need to coordinate times when you are able to visit your commercial storage unit. Instead, you have 24/7 access! Whenever you need it, you can access it. Full service storage companies have specific hours of operation that you need to work around. The only thing that you have to coordinate with your storage unit, is drop off and pickup.


Disadvantage: Space

The biggest disadvantage to using an onsite commercial storage unit, is the amount of space it takes. If you rent the ground on which you work, you will need to coordinate with your landlord whether or not you may put a commercial storage unit on their property. If you own a small lot, renting a commercial storage unit may not be feasible. If you take pride in your grass, you likely will not want to have a large commercial storage unit sitting on it. Either way you look at it, you will need to make sure that there is ample room and approvals for the commercial storage unit to stay.

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