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A common phrase that many people type into their web browsers: “affordable storage units near me”. If you have ever been in the market for storage space, chances are you searched this exact phrasing, or something similar. The problem with trying to find “affordable storage units near me”, is that especially if you live in a city, storage space, such as Boston storage, is likely to be more expensive. In this blog post, we will discuss the problem with searching for “affordable storage units near me” and compromises that may make life easier.


Problem: Affordable Storage Units Near Me

According to Statista, more than 80% of the US population lived in cities and urbanized areas in 2020. That means that local storage and moving companies are likely more centralized in those areas. With most storage companies being in populated areas, demand increases and price increases. For many, finding “affordable storage units near me” can be a difficult task. Many places are expensive, and others have no availability. If that is the case, you may be wondering, “what should I do?”


Compromise: Spend More

If you are struggling to find affordable storage units in your area, you may be forced to compromise on price to accommodate your needs. In raising your budget for storage, you will have access to many more storage units close to your living space. This ensures a smaller commute to and from your storage unit and ease of access. If you are someone who values time and does not want to travel far for storage, then you will likely have to compromise on price.


Compromise: Expand Your Search Zone

If you are unable to compromise on price and still cannot find affordable storage units in your area, it may be time to expand your geographical search. It is great to be within a 20 minute drive from your storage unit, but may not be feasible if you are unable to spend the extra money. In choosing to store your items further away, your options will increase remarkably. You may even find better storage, for much cheaper. Keep in mind when making your decision, how often you plan on visiting your storage unit and the method you plan to transport your items.


Affordable Storage Units in the Boston Area

Finding affordable storage units in the Boston area is a tall task, indeed. It is especially tall if you are looking for a full service storage company. Boston can be a fairly expensive city as is. Since the city continues to grow and space is limited, so is the availability of storage space. Since storage space is limited, prices rise. If you live in the Boston area and need storage that is nearby, you will likely have to compromise on price in order to accommodate your needs. For those who need Boston storage and have a specific budget to follow, it may be wise to look outside of Boston. Try some of the suburban areas to see if they have any affordable storage units available. Waltham, Worcester, and Woburn are all nearby localities that are far away from Boston’s standards, but close enough for storage services.

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