Benefits of Student Storage

Woman packing a box of booksAs the end of the school year approaches, figuring out where to bring your belongings might be one of the last things on your mind. Between finals and papers, you might not think you have time do research shipping costs and storage facilities. Luckily, there is a storage option that requires little effort on the student’s part and leaves belongings conveniently near their school!

Why Should I Store My Belongings Near School?

Do you go to school out of state, or far enough away to require a flight home? Storing your things near school keeps them safe and sound while you’re away for a long break or semester. Instead of giving them away to friends or classmates or selling them online, you can keep them for yourself, saving the hassle of going to the store at the beginning of the year. If your plan is to leave large items with friends, storage saves room in their homes and will not inconvenience their families. Lugging furniture home can turn into quite the chore, and can take up significant space in your family’s residence for the length of time you are home or away. When you are ready to go back to school, you are then faced with the challenge of transporting everything in an efficient, inexpensive way, which can be difficult to come by depending on the time of year or location of your school.
Storing your things near your school can be extremely beneficial. Because your belongings will be close by, getting them to a storage facility and back will be a breeze! OnDemand Storage offers virtual storage and special student rates, allowing you to pay for only the space you need. In a self-storage unit, you will be paying a set rate depending on the size of the unit you will be using, and you will need to pack your unit so there’s room to move around and access boxes. OnDemand offers a tiered pricing structure based on what students may need to store for periods of time, and our virtual storage means you’ll never have to step foot into your unit! OnDemand also hosts ODS Box Days when customers can pick up boxes, tape and other packing materials at appropriate on-campus locations right before the packing rush! If you need help shipping your belongings, we also offer discounted rates for students!

OnDemand Student Storage Solutions Across the United States

OnDemand Storage is proud to work with colleges and universities across the country to provide efficient, inexpensive storage solutions for students. We will pick up your belongings on designated pickup days, and deliver it back to you when you’re ready! To sign up for student storage, contact us today by calling 1.855.216.6617 or by filling out our online contact form.