Storage for Bentley University Students - Waltham, MA

Free box delivery to Bentley

Free box delivery to Bentley

Professionals pickup your stuff

Professionals pickup your stuff

Storage near Bentley University

Storage near Bentley University

Re-delivery of stored items

Re-delivery of stored items

Bentley Summer Storage Program

Our Bentley University Summer Storage program is our most popular program at the school. Over the past several years we have provided our services to over 500 Bentley students. Don't let summer storage become a distraction during finals week! With ODS, you and your family won't have to worry about transporting belongings or finding storage in Waltham, MA anymore; what a relief for out-of-state and international students! Our facilities are 100% secure and our service is full service.  Watch this video  to learn more about storage at Bentley: 

Study Abroad Storage - Bentley University

Many students who travel abroad claim it is the best semester of their college career and we don't doubt them! We aim to make your travels stress-free by storing your dorm or apartment stuff while you're away from Bentley. When you store with ODS you won't have to worry about cluttering your family's home or getting your belongings back to Waltham, MA when you return from your trip. Best of all, if you forget something we can ship anywhere in the world with great discounts. We have serviced hundreds study abroad students at Bentley!


What is the cost of storage for Bentley students?

*prices listed denote cost for a 4 month period: summer, fall, or spring semester*

Per Item/ Whole Summer


Ironing Board


Step Ladder

Small Rug


Laptop Bag

Shoe Box

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Small Bins

Cube Fridge

Small Mirror

Duffle Bag


End Table

Plastic Drawers

Laundry Basket

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Clothes Bin

Clothes Rack

Mini Fridge

Mattress Topper


Large Suitcase

TV < 35"

Standing Lamp

Extra Large
Per Item/ Whole Summer

Large Bin


Office Chair


TV > 35"

Coffee Table

Large Rug


Bentley Storage Sign Up

Easy! Click below to select you pickup date/time. If you need packing materials you will also have the option to select a date to receive them ahead of your pickup time.

Schedule My Pickup

Does ODS Distribute Packing Materials?

Yes! ODS will be in Waltham, MA at Bentley University in the weeks leading up to finals week to distribute packing materials so you can pack! The ODS Box is 24" x 18" x 18" (4.5 cu ft.) We have the BIGGEST BOX  in student storage

Can I use my own packing materials?

Sure! ODS Boxes are great; but if you want to use your own packing materials you can.

How long can I store my stuff for?

You can store your stuff for as long as you'd like. The prices listed on the page are a one time cost per semester period. A semester period in ODS terms is a 3-4 month period that includes one of the following: spring, summer, or fall semester. If you want to store for 2 periods (i.e. traveling abroad from January - September) the cost will be 2x the listed prices. 

When can I get my stuff back?

Bentley Students can get their stuff back whenever they want because our HQ is so close to campus. If you need something returned midsummer give us a call and we'll arrange a delivery that works with your schedule. We try to be as "On-Demand" as possible!

Does ODS offer insurance?

Yes! We take pride in providing top notch service and taking care of your belongings. In the unlikely event something happens to one of your items you'll have the chance to purchase additional insurance during the sign out process. 

Storage rules at Bentley

We hate to ruin the fun but we do have some rules...

  • Boxes over 45lbs are subject to additional fees
  • Missed pickup times are $100
  • Special pickup/delivery outside of offered windows - case by case
  • No liquids
  • Mattresses must be bagged 
  • No loose items 
  • No trundle beds 
  • Couches and futons in select markets only


Bentley University

The storage calendar provides relevant information regarding ODS Box Days, regularly scheduled pickup days, and re-delivery days. If you need boxes delivered or your items picked up on a day that is not marked on the calendar you should call 781-499-5330 as you will have to sign up over the phone. 

During ODS Box Days OnDemand Storage crew members will strategically park trucks on campus and distribute packing materials including boxes, mattress bags, etc. OnDemand Storage trucks will be parked in trim lot to distribute materials on the designated days, typically 1-2 weeks before storage pickup days begin.  

All students who are signed up will have the ability to receive free empty boxes ahead of their scheduled pickups. ODS crew members will have computers on-site and you will have the ability to sign up

Bentley University Facts
  • Bentley University is located in Waltham, MA
  • Bentley has one of the best undergraduate accounting programs in the United States
  • Bentley was originally a school of accounting and finance located in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood
  • It was founded in 1917
  • Bentley has almost 6,000 students in all of its programs