Packing Tips for Moving to an Apartment from a House

Downsizing can be quite the undertaking as you sort through items to take with you and part with on your new adventure. Making sure you have a plan in place for sorting through your belongings and ultimately deciding what comes with you to your new place will take some time. Follow these tips to successfully move into your new apartment and make a smaller space feel like home.

Get started early

Don’t put off the planning stage. Once you have decided to downsize, start making lists and noting what furniture you will bring with you, what will be sold and what will go into storage. If you have an idea of the square footage or layout of your new residence, you can sketch out an idea of where you want to place your furniture and measure out pieces to make sure there is enough room.

Decide what fits your aesthetic and needs

When moving from a house to an apartment, you probably have furniture accumulated over a few moves and style changes. Some furniture may not match in terms of color, fabric or even size. Since not every piece of furniture will be able to fit in your new home, take the time to figure out what will fit best in your apartment both in size and style. Do you have pieces that can serve multiple functions in your new home? Since space is going to be even more valuable, you’ll be able to use certain things to replace missing furniture and storage space, such as using a corner shelf as a desk or rolling shelves under the bed to hold books or clothing. Ottomans and trunks can be used for multipurpose storage around your new home.


With less space comes less room for clutter. If you don’t have room for a full media stand, find a TV that can mount to the wall and used zip ties to keep the wires together. Use any available space for concealed storage, from adding shelves to tall tables and concealing boxes under a space covered with an older tablecloth.

Decide What to Put in Storage

After deciding what you’re going to keep in your new home, you’ll need to pick out what you want to keep for future use and what you are willing to part with. In the Boston area, there’s nothing more convenient than OnDemand’s virtual storage option! All you need to do is decide what to put into storage and we’ll pick it up for you! We offer a tiered pricing structure so you only pay for the storage you need. With our delivery service, you’ll never have to step foot into the unit, cutting down on the time you might spend lugging things back and forth. For a free estimate, contact OnDemand Storage today by calling (855)215-6617 or by filling out our online contact form.

Storage Budget

What is a “Storage Budget”?

Utilizing a self-storage unit or convenient storage service is a necessity for 1/10 households in America. Every situation is unique as everyone has different needs and financial means that dictate how they’ll use a storage unit.

The best way to determine a storage budget is to look at the monthly cost rather than the whole cost. Finding a unit or storage facility that fits into your monthly cost is important because it is likely that you’ll need the storage space longer than you’re anticipating.

When budgeting storage into your monthly expenses think about the size and use the space.

What does this mean?

Size: how much stuff will I be putting into the unit? Can it be stacked? Will I only use the floor? Are the items fragile or bulky? Do I need space to move in the unit?

If you’re downsizing a 4000 square foot home it is likely you will need a larger unit as you may have large furniture pieces that take up more space. On the contrary, if you need to store 10 boxes of winter clothes then opt for a much smaller unit to save money.

Use: are the items you are storing temperature sensitive? Will I need access to the unit often?

If temperature can affect the integrity of your items then you’ll need a climate-controlled storage unit which costs more money. Typically, climate-controlled means the temperature stays between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Your frequency and the items themselves, will determine the type of facility you should consider. If you’ll need daily access or have very heavy items you may consider a drive-up facility so you can bring your car directly to your unit. If you need a controlled environment and your items are easily move-able then a multi-floor indoor facility will be best. For maximum convenience you should call an on demand storage facility that will come and pickup your items and then re-deliver them when you need them back, this way you can avoid all physical labor and enjoy all the convenience of additional space.

Many times, storage is an additional expense that many families and businesses must incur to when in transition or to free up extra space to operate more efficiently. To find the best deal for you carefully analyze your situation using the information above to determine your storage budget! The type of facility (and unit) and the size of the space you are renting are going to be the two factors that drive the price for your monthly storage cost. Good luck!

Boston Mover

Boston Movers

Boston is a city growing and changing at a rapid pace. There are currently 7,500 new units under construction or slated for development inside the city’s boundaries. Also, major corporations, like GE, Reebok, and (hopefully) Amazon’s HQ2 will continue to change the landscape by adding jobs. Relocation to Boston will soar to an all time in 2019 and in all likelihood continue for years to come. For newcomers and Boston veterans alike moving in Boston is difficult as each neighborhood is unique and serves a different demographic. When selecting a moving company in Boston make sure the company is familiar with your neighborhood so they can properly execute your move in an efficient and effective manner.

Let’s take a brief look at some of Boston’s different neighborhoods and how a Boston mover should be able to react to different situations.

South Boston

Undoubtedly Boston’s hottest neighborhood for individuals 23-35, or millennials, and in the next year alone 44% of millennials plan to move , that means that in just South Boston almost 3,000 induvial will move in 2019. Make sure you can find a moving company that is located near Boston that has experience in South Boston.  South Boston has a unique mix of 1900s “triple deckers” and brand-new buildings that cost millions to build. For the newer, professionally managed buildings your mover will most likely need a certificate of insurance from their insurance company before the building will let them move you. However, the mover will have access to freight elevators making your move easy and painless. On the other hand, a “triple dekcer” won’t require as much preparation and paperwork, but you’ll need an experienced South Boston mover to carry bulky furniture up, down, and around tricky corners.


Full service storage south boston

Boston's South Boston Neighborhood

South End

Boston’s South End is the gateway to the Copley and Back Bay area where thousands of commuters travel to work every day.  The South End is home to Brownstone-lined streets where a 1000 sf condo can fetch millions of dollars. Needless to say, a high-end mover who has experience moving large and expensive furniture is a must! Brownstone’s can be surprisingly tricky to maneuver in and are typically in pristine condition. A South End move is not a job for a novice, but for a seasoned and experience moving company with local knowledge.


South End Moving

North End

The North End is every tourist favorite part of Boston as the streets are packed with authentic Italian restaurants and great places to grab a canoli or gelato after a delicious meal. However, any Boston resident knows how difficult driving down Hanover St. or Salem St. (especially in a truck) is! Narrow streets and virtually no parking make experience highly valued when moving. Especially during busy times of the year May, June, & September be sure to request parking permits weeks to months is advance to ensure your mover has a place to park. Without a permit a Boston moving company knows it may not be able to successfully complete your North End Move.


North End Mover


Other Important Moving Tips

Understanding the Boston lease cycle

This is important to understanding moving in and around Boston. Known for it’s higher education, Boston sees dramatic increases in move volume during May, June, & September. If you’re not a student it may be difficult (or expensive) to find a qualified mover during his time. A suggestion would to be try to plan your move for a slower month like November or January. If this is not an option for you then definitely book a mover 2+ months in advance to ensure you can get the proper vehicles and workers you need to have your move done in a timely fashion.

How much do moves cost?

In-state moving is typically charged at an hourly rate. The rate is driven by three factors: number of movers, the vehicle needed, and the amount of time the job takes. For two men and one 20ft truck, which commonly services as a benchmark for a 2 BR apartment move, can cost anywhere from $99/hr. up to $225/hr. depending on the company and more importantly the time of year. Other factors include: additional services like storage, junk removal, etc. Out-of-State moving is priced by “weight”, meaning each item has a weight which is determined by a cube sheet and then the sum of all of your items determines the total weight. This is a federal law and the methodology of quoting will be the same at every moving company, through the actual prices will vary.

Do Boston Movers Offer Storage?

Every move is unique and requires different details to be ironed out. As often is the case, a direct A to B move is not realistic and the business, individual, or family moving need short term (or long term) storage. Finding a convenient storage option at a reasonable price should be priority #1. OnDemand Storage provides a unique twist on moving & storage in Boston. OnDemand will retrieve your items from your home and transport them to storage. ODS creates a virtual unit that you can log into at any time to see pictures, manage, and request items for return. Moving is stressful there is no need to complicate by trying to remember storage unit passcodes or renting U-Haul’s to retrieve items.

Hopefully our guide to Boston movers has been helpful and worth your time! If you have any questions or want to schedule a move or storage pickup please reach out via or call us at 781-4990-5330!

Best Storage Sheds to Buy in 2018

Best Storage Sheds to Buy in 2018

Whether you’re living in small condo in the city or have a sprawling yard you most likely need storage for something – the question is: for what?

A home storage shed can help provide extra space in your garage or basement and allow you to get the most out of them. However, there are a variety of storage sheds that vary in size, style, quality and more. Your use and purpose of the storage shed will play a major role in determining the type of shed you should purchase.

Bike Storage

The Yardstash IV

Bike Storage

The Yardstash IV is an economical option ($174 on Amazon) that provides owners with a small semi-secure space to put bulky items that can take up unnecessary space in the garage. For example, imagine not having to squeeze by your bike as you’re exiting your car every day. The tarp-like material will also protect your bike (or anything else) from rain which can eventually lead to rust.

Full Storage Shed

Storage Shed

DIY Colonial Kit Shed

The DIY Colonial Kit shed is a beautiful, but expensive ($6,000+) storage shed that adds character and functionality to dead space in your yard. You can store gardening tools, power equipment, seasonal furniture, and more in the 12’ x 24’ space. This shed is fully secure and secure and weather proofed to protect almost anything you put inside. You’ll rest easy knowing your valuables are secure – and out of the way!


Plastic Storage Shed or Container

Plastic Shed

The plastic storage shed, measuring 18 cubic feet is great for storing outdoor furniture cushions and accessories. Expensive outdoor furniture can still get ruined by rain, pollen, and other elemental factors so its best to protect them as much as you can. The plastic container can easily nestle into a corner of your outdoor space and blend in.

Outdoor storage sheds are an effective way to create additional space in your garage or basement. However, they do not satisfy all of your storage needs. There is still a plethora of items you’d like to store for a longer period of time and it may make more sense to get them off-site to avoid cluttering your home (or your storage shed!). OnDemand Storage provides pickup, secure self-storage, and delivery of stored items. You’ll be able to access your storage unit 24/7 from any computing device and request one or all of your items back at any time!

Call 1.855.216.6617 or Email

Mistakes to Avoid When Packing

Summertime is a popular time to move: you may have vacation time coming up and your kids are home from school, allowing for extra hands to help with packing, loading the truck and getting everything into its new place. Before the big day arrives, it’s important to make sure you have everything in place. Stay organized during your move by avoiding these packing mistakes!

Avoid weak packing materials

Cuttings costs wherever possible is always appealing during a major project. However, using free or used can lead to catastrophe in transit, from boxes buckling to ripping and damaging its contents. Use sturdy, new boxes to pack heavier items that will be placed into storage for a time, and wrap any breakable or valuable items with packing paper and bubble wrap before packing them in order to avoid breaks.

Do not overpack

While packing up your boxes, perform periodic lift tests in order to make sure you can lift the boxes. Boxes that are too weighed down will be more prone to breaking, no matter how steady. For heavier boxes, make sure to lift With a partner, or use a dolly in order to avoid injuries from lifting too quickly.

Don’t leave packing until the last minute

The last thing you need is for the movers to come with half of your residence unpacked. Set some time aside each day in the weeks prior to moving day to work on designated rooms in your home. If you decide you need help packing, let your moving company know. The team assigned to help with your move with come equipped with packing materials to help complete the job. Make sure you set aside items you will need for the first few days in a first night box to get you through until you’re done unpacking.

Packing & Moving Services in New England

If you are moving to or from the Boston area and need help, contact OnDemand Storage today! We provide moving, packing and virtual storage services! If you need to leave items in storage for a time, we can hold them in one of our secure storage units and deliver them to you upon request. OnDemand Storage can be reached by calling (855)215-6617 or by filling out our online contact form.

Moving from Boston to NYC

Boston to NYC Moving

Moving from Boston to NYC

Are you moving from Boston to NYC? You’re not alone! Every year 1000s of professionals and families decide to take the plunge from Boston, MA to New York, New York. Moving to NYC is an exciting prospect as opportunities for your career are virtually endless and your social scene just increased by a factor of 10. You’re excited and ready to go…but you have to get there first.

Even though NYC is just 215 miles from Boston, moving between the two is tricky. Knowing the best highway routes to take – and more importantly to avoid can change move time(s) and your overall experience drastically. Also, NYC and Boston are not known for their parking or navigability making it tough to move couches down narrow Brownstone’s and up crowded apartments. OnDemand has vast experience performing moves from Boston to New York City making it as painless as possible for you.

Here’s what’s included in your move:

  • Clean & Reliable Moving Truck
  • Blankets, Dollies, Wrap, Other Equipment
  • Loading Help
  • Mileage, Fuel, Tolls
  • Experience in Both Pickup & the Final Destination
  • 2-4 Professionals Movers
  • Insurance Certificates for Property Managers
  • More!

Here’s what you can do to make it easier:

  • Get Parking Permits
  • Pack [Unless you want ODS packing help]
  • Book in Advance
  • Have Access to Destination

OnDemand relies on deep experience and knowledge to do our best to keep the overall cost down for our clients. Through intelligent timing, route planning, and accommodating clients scheduling needs we can develop a plan to execute your move in the shortest time possible. We’ll let you know the true cost ahead of time and not surprise you with hidden and unnecessary fees. Email us at or call 781-499-5330 to get started.

Packing Your Room at Boarding School

Summer is nearly here, with high school graduation season upon us. If you are getting ready to move back home after your semester is over, follow these tips to pack your boarding school dorm room efficiently!

Start Early & Pack in Stages

You don’t want to leave all of your packing until the last minute. In the time before finals begin, take an hour or so per day to go through your belongings and sort out what you may or may not need next year. This reduces the amount of time it will take in the final stretch when you’ll need to spend more time concentrating on exams and papers.

Unplug Your Refrigerator in Advance

Your fridge is constantly running, and once you unplug it, the ice and condensation built up inside will begin to melt and could leak. Giving it time to settle to room temperature before moving it to your storage facility saves a lot of mess. Make sure the area is surrounded by towels to soak up the excess water.

 Organize & Roll Your Clothes

Keep your clothing together and sorted by season in order to find what you’re looking for next fall. If you feel like you are running low on room, roll your shirts and pants. This takes up less room than folding your clothes flat, and you can layer in your socks in any nooks and empty spaces.

Pack Books in Suitcases

Your books are heavier than your clothes, and packing them in the incorrect type of box can lead to moving disaster. Your boxes can buckle in transit, and you could lose them if they are not labeled properly. Moving any books you are looking to keep in wheeled suitcases allows easier moving and reduces the risk of overpacking.

Utilize Your Plastic Bins

If you are planning to keep a lot of your belongings near school, use your plastic bins! These are perfect for holding your clothes and any odds and ends you may have accumulated throughout the year.

Storage for Boarding School Students in Boston

If you need a place to store your things over the summer before next semester starts, contact OnDemand Storage! We provide virtual storage for boarding school students across New England, providing pickup and delivery service so you don’t need to worry about how to get your things to and from a unit. OnDemand Storage can be reached by calling (855)215-6617 or by filling out our online contact form.

Apartment Moving in Boston

Boston is a city that’s exploding! With over 7,000 new condos already proposed and approved for the next few years, many residents will need a moving and storage service that specializes in Boston. Whether you’re a college student or a seasoned working professional, apartment moving in Boston is a niche skill, here some things to consider:

Does my apartment have an elevator?

Moving companies charge an hourly rate, that in peak seasons can range anywhere from $100/hr to $250/hr for two men and one moving vehicle. Having an elevator will help speed up the process making your overall cost lower. However, if you have to move couches, dressers, and beds up and down the narrow stairwells of a Boston Brownstone – then you’re going to need the professional help so you don’t damage your valuables or hurt yourself!

Understanding the layout of your specific building and the way that will change the cost of your move is important to feeling comfortable in proceeding with your mover.

Packing Help

Do you need help packing? Again, there are two viewpoints. Typically, if you pack your boxes the cost of your move will be lower, however, the mover’s insurance may not extend fully to items that are packed by owner (PBO). If you’re not a professional packer then it may be wise to allow the moving company to do the packing even though you’ll likely incur a cost for materials and hourly labor. Although, what’s the point of moving your stuff if its going to get broken? Let the pros do it!

Parking Permits/ Service Elevators

Boston is not a city known for its unlimited parking. Therefore, you’ll need to reserve the spot in front of your residence for your mover. This can be done by going to the City of Boston’s website. If your building has a service elevator you should reserve that for a 2-6hr window depending on the complexity and size of your move. This can typically be done by making arrangements with the concierge at your building.


Being able to go seamlessly between apartments is a luxury in Boston. Often there are a few days or weeks between leases. During this time, you may need a temporary place to put your items. A traditional self-storage unit is not your best option because it will require a lot of physical labor from you. Check out our services, OnDemand Storage, we provide pickup, storage, and delivery of stored items when you need them. You’ll be able to access your items in storage via our web application that categorizes and photographs items so you get the benefits of self-storage without the “self” part!

Move Off Cycle

If you can avoid moving from May-September you’re going to save yourself A LOT of money. Moving companies are swamped during these dates allowing them to raise their hourly rates dramatically best maid service near me. Furthermore, if you can move into October or November you’ll get lower rates and likely get more talented movers ensuring your items travel from A to B in the best hands possible while saving money – pretty good deal!

Student Apartments

Boston is known for its dense College and University populations. Allston, Brighton, Cambridge, and more are full of students who elect to live off campus to enjoy the freedom away from dorms. If you need moving and storage during the beginning, end, or middle of the year OnDemand Storage can help! We store 1000s of students every academic year. Our custom sign up process allows students to select their off-campus location and have ODS movers come right to their apartment! We also provide packing materials and help. Move and store the smart way – with OnDemand


Packing Tips for Your Semester Abroad

As you prepare for your semester abroad, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the prospect of packing everything you need for your time away. Since you’ll be a flight away, it’s important to avoid overpacking. Follow these tips to pack exactly what you’ll need next semester without extra luggage fees!

Check the Local Weather

Checking the local weather is the easiest thing you can do to determine the type of clothing you will need. If you are going to a location known to be cold or mild for most of the year, packing mostly warm weather clothes will be a waste of space. If you are going somewhere warmer, you might not want to wear heavy jeans and hoodies every day. While you pack for your time away, pack a few outfits for warmer days and pack the rest of your clothes for the average weather for the duration of your stay. Make sure you have at least one outfit suitable for formal occasions that may arise during the semester, such as dances or presentations.

Pack Sturdy Walking Shoes

Between exploring your host city and traveling to nearby cities and countries, you will be doing a lot of walking during your semester away. That’s why it is important to make sure you have a pair of solid walking shoes that provide good support for extended periods of time. Depending on where you are traveling, the roads and sidewalks may have a lot of uneven surfaces, making flats impractical for your adventures.

 Utilize All Available Space

While abroad, you are probably limited to two suitcases and a carry-on bag. Since space is limited and you need to stay within the weight restrictions of air travel, it’s important to maximize the space used in your suitcase. Rolling shirts, pants, and casual dresses saves room in your bag, allowing you to fit more. You can make sure you stay within the weight limit by periodically checking your bag with a portable luggage scale. The scale straps to your bag’s handle and weighs the bag as it is lifted find out more. This allows to you gauge the amount of space you have while avoiding additional costs. Packing additional socks and underwear never hurts, and they are small enough to fit into empty spaces between piles. In the off-chance your bag is lost in transit, make sure an extra pair of socks and underwear are in your carry-on.

Affordable Study-Abroad Semester Storage Near Your School

If you are traveling abroad for a semester and aren’t sure what to do with your belongings, store them near your school with OnDemand Storage! We provide affordable, virtual student storage across the country with easy pickup and delivery service, so you don’t need to worry about lugging your couch or bins to the unit! OnDemand Storage can be reached by calling (855)215-6617 or by filling out our online contact form.

Pack Your Mirrors Safely

With the end of the semester here, you may be wondering how to pack some of your more breakable belongings for summer storage. If you have a mirror you are planning to keep for next semester, you’ll need to make sure it is packed correctly to avoid cracks and breaking.

Use High-Quality Packing Materials

It is important to use strong, sturdy materials that will not buckle or rip during the moving process while packing up your mirror. OnDemand Storage provides packing materials on ODS Box Days to students signed up for our summer program. While it may be tempting to skimp on paper, tough cardboard paper will go a long way in keeping your mirror safe. Prior to wrapping, create an X on the glass to keep the pieces together in case the mirror is dropped. This will also protect the frame in case something happens. You will also want to place a piece of cardboard between the mirror itself and any protective wrapping to prevent dust and scratches from forming on the glass. For additional protection, place a layer of Styrofoam cut exactly to your mirror on top of the cardboard for padding.

Protect the Corners

While keeping the glass from shattering is important to maintaining the integrity of your mirror, keeping the frame protected goes a long way. The frame is what is keeping the glass together, and adding a buffer will protect it from bumps and sliding. If you have a square or rectangle mirror with corners that meet at 90-degree angles, you should buy corner protectors at your local moving supplies or big box store. Round mirrors can be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the frame.

Wrap the Mirror Securely

Using old blankets and bubble wrap, wrap the mirror with minimal slack so it doesn’t move around. Top this off with a layer of plastic wrap to reduce the risk of moisture forming within the package. Tape additional cardboard around the wrapped mirror without allowing for room to slide. Label the mirror on each side, with the word “Fragile” clear and legible to prevent the package from being bounced around during the truck loading and unloading.

Convenient Student Storage & Packing Materials

If you need a place to store your belongings this summer, contact OnDemand Storage today. We provide student storage for schools up and down the East Coast, giving you one less thing to worry about at the end of the semester! OnDemand can be reached by calling 1.855.216.6617 or by filling out our signup form online.