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Boston Storage Company: How to Properly Sort Your Items in Storage

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Whether you are storing your belongings with a Boston Storage Company  or anywhere else, you need to know the best method for sorting your belongings away in storage. The last thing that you want is a disorganized storage unit that turns into a disaster zone and makes moving more complicated for you. If you are the type of person who is generally disorganized, this may be the best self-help storage blog for you!



  1. Pack Your Items Correctly
  2. Recommendation from a Full Service Boston Area Company: Organize your Stored Boxes
  3. What Do I Do About Storing Larger Items?


Pack Your Items Correctly

When it comes to prepping your items for storage in a storage unit, the first step is to pack them in storage correctly. As we outline in our previous blog post of tips for preparing a move, you need boxes to put all of your items in. On a budget? We suggest asking around local stores for extra boxes. Once you have the means of storing your items, you want to put all of the heavier items at the bottom of the box. If you are handling the transport of the boxes yourself, we suggest not putting all heavy items together in the same boxes.

Will you need regular access to your storage unit at your chosen storage company? If you plan on accessing your belongings regularly and exchanging items, we suggest organizing your items in the boxes based on which ones you will likely need access to. Put unused items together in a specific grouping of boxes and put more frequently used items together. Additionally, we suggest putting similar items together and labeling each box (i.e. “knick knacks”, “summer clothes”, “Christmas decorations”, etc.) That way when you return to your storage unit, it is easier to find what you need.


Recommendation from a Full Service Boston Area Company: Organize your Stored Boxes

Many times once all belongings are packed away and brought to the chosen storage company, folks store their boxes in an unorganized manner within their storage unit. This is a big no no! If you need regular access to your storage unit, or even if you rarely need access, you still want to know where your items are located. That way you are not spending hours on end siphoning through and tripping over boxes to find what you are looking for.

Place boxes containing rarely used items in the back of your storage unit, and place boxes with frequently used items in the front, so that they are readily accessible. It is impossible to keep track of all of your stored items and where they are located within your storage unit. Make things easier on yourself by organizing your storage unit correctly.


How do I put Larger Items in Storage? 

When it comes to storing larger, out of box items, there are a multitude of strategies that will help. Ultimately, we suggest packing your boxes first and stacking them on top of one another. Leave lanes on either side of the boxes so that a) you are able to move in and out of your storage unit and b) you are able to put larger items within the lanes. Boxes are super compact and easily stackable. It is better to organize them in your storage unit first, before handling the larger, more awkward items.


Moving to the Boston area and looking for a storage unit? Look no further than OnDemand Storage! Check out this blog post to better understand how our full service moving and storage company is the right fit for you.

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