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Can ODS Help with Student Shipping?

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There are many options for students who are moving from far away to head to college. The most exhausting way is to simply drive the distance to handle the moving and storage service solo. Whether it is cross country or not, long distance moving can be a tiring feat. The most expensive option is to hire a full service moving and storage company to help you with your move. However, for those who do not want to embark on a long distance move, and for those who do not want to splurge on hiring a full service moving and storage company, there is one other option: student shipping.


Tell us Already! What is Student Shipping?

Student shipping is a strategy that college students may use to send their belongings cross country ahead of move in day. Don’t want to buy all new items just to move in to college? Don’t think that you will be able to drive cross country to the Boston area for move in day? Can’t afford a long distance move? Then student shipping is right for you! It’s rather easy to do student shipping. Just box all of your items and take them to your preferred shipping provider (i.e. FedEx and UPS) to have them shipped cross country. The question remains: where do I ship my stuff to? There are a few options that you have.


Student Shipping to On Campus or Off Campus Housing

The easiest way to conduct student shipping, is to ship your items to wherever you will be staying throughout college. If you are living on campus or off campus, wouldn’t it be great to already have your items waiting for you? Unfortunately, this option may come with some restrictions. For those living on campus, you will need to check with your school to see if they will accept packages prior to your arrival on campus. Many colleges do, but it is best to check ahead of time to be safe. Similarly, before conducting student shipping to off campus housing, it is best to check with your landlord ahead of time. There may be renters that reside in your new home until the agreed upon move in day.


Student Shipping to a Nearby Friend or Family’s House

If you are unable to ship your items directly to your new place of residence, then it is smart to ship all of your possessions to a nearby friend or family! Of course, this would require you knowing people near your new home. This is a great way to ensure the safekeeping of your possessions. The only situation that you may need to figure out is transportation. If you live in the Boston area, it may not be wise to use the T as you will likely have much to carry. The T can be very crowded, as I’m sure you are aware.


Student Shipping to Full Service Storage

Are you already invested in summer storage for college students? Do you already have some of your items stored with a full service storage company? Then you may be able to ship additional items to your Boston storage service provider! Check with them ahead of time and see what they say. If they are a full service storage provider, you likely will not have any issues. That way you won’t even have to worry about picking up your items. Since you are using a full service storage company, they will be able to drop it off to you at your desired date and time!

View the OnDemand Storage website to learn about our full service storage options!

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