What to Consider Before Renting a Storage Unit

Lock on storage unitLiving in a city means that space is likely to be tight, and renting a storage unit could be the most efficient way to save room in your home. Before you begin packing things to put away, there are several factors to consider prior to picking a storage company.

What is your storage budget?

Most storage companies offer monthly plans for non-climate controlled and climate-controlled units and may offer introductory prices, such as a free month or a discounted period when you first begin using their facilities. While the introductory fee may seem like a bargain, make sure when the regular price kicks in it will not exceed your budget for the unit. Paying your storage bill is critical, especially if you are keeping your valuables in your unit. If the company is not paid for an extended period of time, they may have the right to evict your items from the unit and hold a public auction. You should also make sure there is not a mandatory length of time you need to be paying for the unit. If you only need space for a month while you move between places, don’t get stuck in a six-month contract you can’t get out of.

Do your things need to be kept at a certain temperature?

Consider the type of belongings you are looking to store in a unit. Will they be damaged if the space they are in is too hot or cold? If your unit is located outside, it may be exposed to hot summer rays or frigid winds, depending on the season. Before you pick a unit, discuss climate control concerns with each company representative. If you are storing antiques, photos or old records, keeping the items safe may come at additional cost.

Will your belongings be kept safe?

Leaving your items with a storage company requires a level of trust in the company to keep your memories protected from harm or burglary. Safety may change from location to location and range from surveillance cameras in hallways to individual alarms in each unit. An indoor facility may lock the doors overnight and require sign-ins to monitor whoever is in the building.

You should also check your insurance policy to make sure your items are covered by theft and other emergencies, from fires to floods. The facility may have insurance to protect the building, but your belongings may not be covered. If storage is not covered by your current policy, most companies will add coverage for a low monthly fee.

Storage Solutions in Greater Boston

OnDemand Storage provides stress-free storage options throughout the Greater Boston Area for homeowners, renters, and students. We provide pickup and delivery services, so you never have to step foot in the unit, and you will be able to monitor your storage right from your cell phone! OnDemand Storage can be reached at 1.855.216.6617 or by filling out our online contact form.

Why Are Boston Self Storage Facilities So Expensive?

If you've rented a self-storage unit in Boston you've probably been frustrated by the extremely high cost, right? It feels like you’re overpaying for a dingy, dark, and inconvenient experience. We decided to dig deeper and compare the differences in price per square foot as well as difference in services between storage units in Boston and OnDemand Storage full service storage.

Service Comparisons

Traditional storage units Boston provide you with a space to put your extra stuff. It may be seasonal, full time, transitional, commercial, or one of a million other reasons. There is no question that everybody would benefit from some extra space in Boston especially with the small living situations most of us have. Aside from the additional space, self-storage units don’t offer much else. You still have to move your items yourself, keep an inventory, and travel to your unit every time you need something back (hopefully you have a big car).

storage units boston
storage units boston

OnDemand Storage provides you with convenient extra space in Boston but also provides additional services as well. OnDemand aims to make space in your home while making storage convenient and accessible to everyone. OnDemand provides pickup of your storage at your home and then whisks your items away to a climate-controlled storage facility. Once you need something back you’ll be able to log in to your virtual storage unit on your laptop or phone and see, manage, and request any item at any time.

Cost Comparison - 10' x 10' Storage Unit

Boston self-storage units are expensive. The average 10’ x 10’ unit in Boston costs $186/month. However, there is typically an automatic $15/month insurance costs bringing the total for the storage unit to approximately $201/month. Additionally, self-storage facilities notoriously increase unit rental expenses by 5%-10% semi-annually. Over long periods of time these costs begin to add up and it begs the question: given the lack of service, are storage units Boston worth the cost?

storage units boston
storage units boston

OnDemand Storage has two distinct features that are different. First, there are never have rental increases. Whatever price you sign up for our service at is your price for the duration of your storage, whether its one or twenty years. Secondly, we provide a baseline insurance of $.60/lb of storage for free. If you want to purchase additional insurance you have the option during the easy sign up process. Lastly, the OnDemand 10’ x 10’ storage unit Boston costs $150/month. Pickup costs $30/hr/specialist. The average pickup takes one hour and requires two pickup specialists and is a one-time cost.

If you’re looking for storage units in Boston you’ll save up to 25% when using OnDemand. Choose convenience and cost savings when you store with ODS.