CATS Academy Summer Storage - Braintree, MA

Free Box Drop Off to CATS

Free Box Drop Off to CATS

We Pickup Your Stuff

We Pickup Your Stuff

Climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage

Delivery of Stored Items

Delivery of Stored Items

Why OnDemand Storage? 

  • Make traveling to and from school easy 
  • Store items you don't need over the summer with ODS
  • We are working directly with CATs Academy
  • Provide FREE packing materials to students that are signed up
  • We can ship items anywhere in the world
  • Affordable storage and shipping designed for students

How does ODS Work?

  • You sign up Here
  • We drop off packing materials to school designated locations
  • You pack 
  • We provide Residence House / In room pickup or max convenience
  • Secure storage (or shipping) 
  • Delivery back to CATs (or new location)

When Will ODS be at CATS?

  • ODS packing material delivery (Mid May) 
  • Materials delivered to the Main Building & West Campus 
  • Senior Pickup Days May 24th - May 26th
  • All other classes pickup day May 31st - June 2nd 
  • Pickup windows available during sign up
  • If you're shipping we'll gather more information at pickup

ODS Pricing Explained

OnDemand Storage prices can be seen listed below. All prices cover the entire cost of the summer storage period. Therefore, they are a one time cost that will be charged to your card on file after your items have been collected. Upon signing up, your card will be charged $1 to validate the card and then will not be charged again until after pickup. There is a one-time $15 pickup fee (for the whole order NOT per item) and the same for return. Items priced are calculated according to their size. The OnDemand Storage box is free for students to use and only costs $32/summer to store.  Other items listed are common residence hall items but we will store anything you are allowed to have on campus! Check out prices below...


OnDemand Storage Box
One Time Cost Per Summer
Whole Summer
Small Items
One Time Cost Per Summer
Whole Summer

Small Bins (Under 4.5 cu ft.)

Ironing Board


Stackable Drawers

Laundry Basket


Small Rug (Under 3ft.)

Step Ladder

Your own box less than 45lbs

Large Items
One Time Cost Per Summer
Whole Summer

Large Bins (Over 4.5 cu ft.)

Mini Fridge


Office Chair



Large Rug (Over 3ft.)


Your own box over 45lbs


  • Store and Ship: Seniors heading to college who want items picked up at CATS, stored, and then shipped to their college for fall semester can select this option during sign up. We will gather more information on the day of pickup about when and where you want your items shipped. The student will be charged for their storage period and then for their shipping separately at the time of shipping. 
  • Direct Shipping: Students can have their items picked up at CATS and then have them shipped directly home or to a different location please select during sign up. 
  • All shipping pricing depends on weight and size of the package as well as speed of the delivery
  • ODS gets up to 40% off of shipping through DHL and 25% through FedEx


Click on the "Sign Up" button and then go through the 5-step sign up to schedule box delivery and storage pickup!

Sure! ODS Boxes are great; but if you want to use your own packing materials you can. 

Per our agreement with CATS we will be delivering boxes outside each residence hall. Boxes are free for students who are signed up costs $32 to store for the summer. We also can provide mattress bags and other packing materials if necessary. Boxes will be delivered in Mid May. 

CATS Students can store their items for as long as the would like. Most often students store for the summer and then have items returned to CATS or shipped to another location. However, if you have a different circumstance we'd be happy to help you in anyway we can!

We will provide delivery back to CATS during the school designated move-in days at the end of the summer. However, if you need a special delivery we can arrange for that. Sometimes there are additional fees associated with a special delivery so please feel free to call 781-499-5330 for more information. 

Also if you need items shipped to a different location we will gather the information at pickup.

Yes! We take pride in providing top notch service and taking care of your belongings. In the unlikely event something happens to one of your items you'll have the chance to purchase additional insurance during the sign out process. 

$10 for $100 coverage

$25 for $250 coverage

$50 for $500 coverage

We hate to ruin the fun but we do have some rules...

  • Boxes over 45lbs are subject to additional fees
  • Special pickup/delivery outside of offered windows - case by case
  • No liquids
  • Mattresses must be bagged - we sell for $10
  • Fridges must be thawed

**You must enter a credit card to confirm your pickup. It will only be charged $1.00 until pickup is complete**