Clemson Summer Storage - Clemson, SC

We ship boxes to Clemson

We ship boxes to Clemson

Specialists pickup your stuff

Specialists pickup your stuff

Storage near Clemson

Storage near Clemson

Delivery of stored items

Delivery of stored items

Summer Storage for Clemson University Students

With an undergraduate population of almost 19,000; Clemson students and their families are forced to deal with hectic move-in and move out days at Clemson. OnDemand Storage is the #1 student storage option for students in South Carolina and we're bringing our services to Clemson in 2018. We'll make traveling to and from school a breeze as you'll only need to bring necessities. Storing your school belongings near campus relieves stress for students and their families. We service on campus residence halls and off campus apartments in the city of Clemson. 

How Does OnDemand Pickup Work at Clemson?

OnDemand has set up a seamless process for students to get their items into storage. All you have to do is sign up - we'll do the rest! Watch the video below for a short tutorial that will help you navigate our easy-to-use platform. Once you're signed up, you can retrieve your free boxes from marked locations on campus. Next, you'll pack and label your items headed to storage. On your scheduled pickup day, ODS crew members will meet you in your room or curbside and load your items for storage! Lastly, when the new year begins - we'll re-deliver all of your stored stuff!


The Best Summer Storage Prices at Clemson

*prices listed denote cost for a 4 month period: summer, fall, or spring semester*

Per Item/ Whole Summer


Ironing Board


Step Ladder

Small Rug


Laptop Bag

Shoe Box

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Small Bins

Cube Fridge

Small Mirror

Duffle Bag


End Table

Plastic Drawers

Laundry Basket

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Clothes Bin

Clothes Rack

Mini Fridge

Mattress Topper


Large Suitcase

TV < 35"

Standing Lamp

Extra Large
Per Item/ Whole Summer

Large Bin


Office Chair


TV > 35"

Coffee Table

Large Rug


How do I sign Up?
Can I use my own packing materials?

Sure! ODS Boxes are great; but if you want to use your own packing materials you can. 

Does ODS Distribute Packing Materials?

Yes, ODS crew members will be on campus at designated times and places which can be found below. You must be signed up for an ODS pickup to receive free boxes.

How long can I store my stuff for?

Students at Clemson have the ability to store items for the entire summer storage period. The period goes from the end of classes until the school designated move-in days for fall semester!

When can I get my stuff back?

ODS re-delivery days always coincide with the school designated move-in days. For summer storage and other short term storage at Clemson, these are the days you'll be able to get your belongings back. If you need a special delivery or pickup please call ODS as we always try our best to work with students and their families. 

For study away, or long term student storage, students can have belongings re-delivered during designated move-in days or speak to an ODS associate about a special delivery option. 

Can I get Insurance?

Yes! We take pride in providing top notch service and taking care of your belongings. In the unlikely event something happens to one of your items you'll have the chance to purchase additional insurance during the sign out process. 

$10 for $100 coverage

$25 for $250 coverage

$50 for $500 coverage

Storage rules

We hate to ruin the fun but we do have some rules...

  • Boxes over 45lbs are subject to additional fees
  • Missed pickup times are $100
  • Special pickup/delivery outside of offered windows - case by case
  • No liquids
  • Mattresses must be bagged 
  • No loose items 
  • No trundle beds 
  • Couches and futons in select markets only


ODS Box Handouts at Clemson University

The storage calendar provides relevant information regarding ODS Box Days, regularly scheduled pickup days, and re-delivery days. If you need boxes delivered or your items picked up on a day that is not marked on the calendar you should call 781-499-5330 as you will have to sign up over the phone.

Supply Handouts: 

Pickup Dates:                                                                                                               

  • 4/30/2018 - 5/4/2018                                                                                             

Re-delivery Dates:






Clemson Fun Facts
  • Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans QB, is a alumnus of Clemson
  • Each year more than 1000 students transfer to Clemson
  • Every 10 Clemson jobs creates an additional 16 Jobs in SC
  • Clemson Library has over 100,000