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College Move In Day: Boston

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Welcome back! You finished an amazing, fun-filled summer and now the fall approaches. We all know what that means…back to school! Whether you are moving in as a first year student, or a senior, you are probably experiencing a culmination of emotions. You may be ecstatic to see all of your friends, reluctant to return to another semester of studies, or maybe a mix of both. If this is your first year, you are most likely experiencing the most nerves of all. However you are feeling about your return to school, one thing is a given: move-in day.


What to Expect for Move-In Day, Boston:

  • Chaos!
  • Difficult navigation
  • Limited parking space and loading zones
  • Lots of people
  • Hot weather
  • Lots of walking
  • Lots of lifting


In this blog, we will provide you with tips to help you navigate the calamity of move-in day in the Boston area.


Know Your Location in Boston

If you are attending a school in the city of Boston, the location for where you are moving is extremely important. Boston’s structural layout can be extremely confusing, especially for those who are new to the area. One-way streets, sharp turns and daytime congestion will most definitely lead to a hectic move in day. In reviewing the surroundings of your destination for move-in day, you will be able to plan ahead. Especially if you are driving a large truck or moving van, this is even more-so important.

Outside of the center city but still within the Boston area, the need for planning the drive ahead of time is less severe, but still important. Think: there are thousands of other students and their families who will be travelling on campus to help with the move. In knowing your surroundings ahead of time, you will be able to avoid congestion and frustration as much as possible.

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Follow the College’s Instructions

Move in day can be extremely chaotic, especially for newcomers. Yet, each college has been through this process time and time again. You can say that they are experts. Universities generally provide their students and parents with a baseline set of instructions to help with move in day, especially for those who will be living on campus. The instructions were not provided to you? Make sure to check your email inbox or even the college’s website, as they generally post their instructions there. These instructions will provide you with information on the check in process, parking and loading zones. This is important.


Support for Moving Larger Items

You successfully navigated the area, you completed the tasks on the college’s instructions and are now ready to move in your items. Some schools may provide students with a limited number of wheeled dollies or baskets to help make the process easier. Others may not. Either way, with a limited number of resources and a large amount of students moving in, it may be smart to bring your own dolly to help with the moving of larger items. No dolly? Then the more hands to help with the move, the better! Either way, support to help move the larger items is a must. The goal is to move efficiently and effectively, with no damage done to your items and your body. The quicker you are able to move your possessions into your living space, the less trips you need to make, and the safer you are able to do this, the better.

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