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Commercial Storage Is Better Than Standard Self Storage Units

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If you are a business owner weighing your options for storage, you are not alone. Whether you are moving to a new office or renovating an existing office, you will likely need to store many of your company tools. If your company’s work requires storage of products or resources, you are most definitely in a similar option. When it comes to standard business storage in and out of the Boston area, you have a couple of different options. You can rent commercial storage units to be kept onsite, or you can choose a standard storage company.

In this article we will discuss the difference between the two options, and the options that you have within those options.


Commercial Storage Units

Renting commercial storage units comes with many benefits, but also has its restrictions. By renting a commercial storage unit, a storage unit will be delivered to your desired location. From there, you handle everything, until you are ready to return the unit! For companies that need easy access to their stored goods, this is perfect for you! As opposed to regular storage, you will be within walking distance from the products and/or tools that you need to succeed. Commercial storage units are great options for construction companies that need to store equipment at the job site, and organizations that are looking to expand their office space. Of course, if you rent the land that the office space is on, you will need to get permission from your renter.


Standard Business Storage

Maybe you do not need easy access to your equipment. If that is the case, commercial storage units may not be right for your organization. Instead, invest in a standard storage company. Save money on your storage by working with a big box company. The only drawback is that you must handling the moving and storage of your items on your own. Especially in the Boston area, expect to fight traffic in order to pick up and drop off your company’s materials. Business storage is a great way to keep items safe during renovations, downscaling, etc.


Full Service Storage for Businesses

Want to utilize standard business storage, without the headache of handling pickup and drop off? It is best to consider working with a full service storage company! In finding the best storage with pickup, you are able to seamlessly store your items. You will not need to take the time out of your busy schedule to pick up, drop off and store your items. The company handles it all for you!


Hire OnDemand Storage for All of Your Business Storage Needs!

Here at OnDemand Storage, we partner with organizations at all levels, to help them store their company goods. We offer standard business storage services. Are you looking for full service storage? We can definitely help you with that! And for companies who are looking to utilize commercial storage units, we offer this as well! We do this all with a smile on our faces, and at fair prices.

Contact us to learn more about our business storage service offerings.

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