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Estate Sales: The Do’s and Dont’s

People accumulate a lot “stuff” over the course of their life and will often leave many things behind. One way to make the most of an unfortunate situation is to have an estate sale. Estate sales are an effective way to liquidate some of the possessions of a person who has recently deceased. Sometimes people have valuable belongings and if an item is sold the money can be split up between the beneficiaries of that person’s will.


Most importantly make sure that the people closest to the person who has passed away have the opportunity to take mementos or other meaningful items that have value to that person. The worst-case scenario is siblings or friends become bitter over how to handle the belongings of the deceased. Ideally, you’ll make a plan and everyone will have an equal opportunity to take something meaningful.

Get an Appraiser

For anywhere between $75 and $500 per hour a professional appraiser can look at different artifacts, jewelry, furniture, art, etc. to determine the value. Some items may be valuable enough to go to auction where they can be sold for large sums of money.

Yard Sale – Is it worth it?

A yard sale is hardly worth the trouble as often you’ll get people looking to get treasures for rock bottom prices. Furthermore, you’ll likely save more money from donating everything that isn’t worth big money and getting the tax deduction.

Transitional Experts

Hire transitional experts, like  Lifecycle Transitions to help make transitioning from one location to another easy and pain free. They can help set you up with a variety of different services from packing to moving to real estate sales.


Maybe you aren’t ready to make a final decision regarding some of the items or you want to clear some excess furniture and boxes out to stage a house for a sale. Getting set up in a self-storage unit can be a lot of work when you consider renting a truck, finding a unit, and getting everything there. Instead, call OnDemand Storage to provide convenient pickup, storage, and re-delivery on-demand. OnDemand creates a virtual storage unit so you can request items back at any time! Lastly, ODS can help you sell your items via their robust network of buyers and sellers!

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