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Fall Storage Ideas

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Now that summer 2017 has officially come to and end, OnDemand Storage can help you with fall storage ideas to help you maximize space around your home and decrease clutter. Saturday’s have traded sunny beach days for cool college football games, so pool furniture is the perfect place to begin.

ODS can store pool furniture because often times it is bulky, takes up a lot of space, and can easily get ruined if not properly stored. With our massive warehouse storage concept, we have ample space for proper storage. Don’t pack your basement or your shed with expensive pool furniture, we’ll come pick it up!

Lawnmower storage can help save you space in your garage. Lawnmowers are not garage friendly because they’re oddly shaped and they end up taking up more space than it’s worth. OnDemand Storage can come pick up your lawnmower and easily store it in our warehouse. Although, you must remove any excess gasoline from the tank as flammables are not allowed to be stored.

Halloween decoration storage will help you free up attic or closet space. While Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, but it is not practical to waste space for 11/12 months in those precious closets. OnDemand Storage can deliver your Halloween decorations in early October and pick them up in early November.

Summer clothing storage is another great way to maximize closet space. Especially if you live in Boston where closet space is at a premium. We’ll deliver wardrobe boxes and you can hang your summer clothes in there and we’ll safely store your summer clothing.

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