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Advice for Finding Student Storage in Boston

The semester is coming to an end. You are dealing with the stress of final exams, saying goodbye to friends for the summer and maybe some championship tournament(s) if your team is lucky. But what about all of your stuff? What will you do with it when you leave for summer vacation? You can’t just leave it in the dorm, apartment or house that you will soon vacate. Some students are lucky enough to live close by and are able to move their items on their own. What about international students or students who travel cross country for school? What do they do?

In this blog post, we will share advice for students who need to rent storage space for their time away from school.


Factors that Effect Finding the Best Student Storage in Boston

The first step in the process of student storage is to find the right storage service to rent from. There are a number of factors that are involved in finding the right storage service (see Tips for Business Storage, for a more in-depth analysis). The location of the storage unit, or how far it is away from your school, is an important factor. As is price, storage space availability and ease of access to your storage unit. A simple Google search will likely turn up a sea of results for “storage units near me”. However, all these factors need to be kept in mind when doing research.


Do Your Research On Climate Controlled Storage

Many college students need a solution that is as budget friendly as possible. They also need a storage solution that is as close to school as possible, as many travelling students likely do not have a car on campus. They need a solution that is convenient and with little hassle. Purchasing student storage in the Boston area can be a pricy endeavor, but if done correctly, can meet or exceed expectations.

Do your research. Choosing from the first few storage services that pop up on your Google search will do you no good. Each storage company is different and will offer different perks, but will also have different drawbacks. Some may be cheap, but reside further outside of the city and may have limited availability. Others may be nearby and offer 24/7 access, but may be out of your price range and yet still have limited availability. You’ve made it this far in your education. Researching the best storage unit for yourself should be a breeze!

Finals are important and you should take them very seriously, but storing your possessions is important as well. All the more reason to start your search early!


Start Your Search Early

Chances are that if you are a student in Boston who needs storage space, there are hundreds, if not thousands of others who are in the same situation. The last thing that you want is to wait until the week before finals to find the right storage space. At this point, storage space will be limited and prices will be at a premium. Get a head start on your research! We suggest at least starting your search 2 months in advance. It gives you time to weigh your options and find the best price point possible.


Why OnDemand is the Best Student Storage and Summer Storage Option!

For low-hassle, worry free and cheap student storage services, check out OnDemand Storage! We service much of the United States in addition to the Boston area and are able to work with you for a relatively low monthly cost. Additionally, we provide pick up and drop off services for storage. Are you a student who has no car currently? This is perfect for you! We will handle the storage of your items. You just need to handle the packing service of your items on your own. No need to rent an UHaul or awkwardly ask your roommate to use their vehicle.


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