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How to Choose the Best Company for Moving and Storage Near Me

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Choosing the best moving and storage service can be a stressful time for you. There are so many different factors that will go into making the right decision. You need to trust that the movers will handle all of your possessions with care. You need to utilize a company that is budget-friendly. Especially if you are looking for Boston storage and moving, you want a company that is conscious of traffic and weather patterns.

In this article, we discuss steps that you need to take, in order to find the best company for “Moving and Storage Near Me”.


Steps for Finding “Moving and Storage Near Me”.

  1. Type into your Web Browser, “Moving and Storage Near Me”
  2. Start Moving and Storage Research by Looking at Online Ratings
  3. Look at Moving and Storage Service Websites
  4. Return to Company Reviews
  5. When in Doubt, Call


Type into your Web Browser, “Moving and Storage Near Me”

This is the simplest step that will help you find the best moving and storage service. Yet it is necessary for your success! It all starts with a basic Google (or any other web browser for that matter) search. We suggest researching between the top 10-15 results, to give yourself the best odds at finding the right company.


Start Moving and Storage Research by Looking at Online Ratings

It is wise to first begin your selection process by quickly looking through reviews. Depending on your locality and the availability of nearby moving and storage services, you may quickly nullify certain companies. Take a quick glance at the amount of stars they received. Anything below a 4 star rating, I suggest doing further digging to understand what the companies did wrong for those customers. Anything below 3 and I would not even consider hiring that moving and storage service.


Look at Moving and Storage Service Websites

Once you have a select grouping of companies that focus on “moving and storage near me”, it is wise to dig deeper into each company. Look at each company’s website and explore their specs. How are their prices? What areas do they service? Do they offer both moving and storage services? What hours do they operate? Will they be working as a team to serve you?

After you find the answers to these questions, put the ‘yes’ and ‘maybes’ together, and throw the rest away.


Return to Company Reviews

Now that you have been able to remove more companies from your list, it is time for a deeper dive! We suggest that you return to companies’ customer reviews, to help you in your decision making process. Take a good, hard look at the customer reviews. Focus, at first, on the negative reviews. If you see a recurring negative theme, that is cause for alarm. Look at the positive reviews and observe the positives of the organization. This should help narrow your search down to a few companies at the most!


When in Doubt, Call

Now you are left to decide between a few different moving and storage service companies. You did all of the research that you could online. Unless you have any input from people that you know, we suggest that you call into the company. Talk with a representative. Ask them about pricing, learn more about their process, and ask any underlying questions that you may have. This conversation will help you get a better feel for the style at which the organization operates, and can be a difference maker.


We hope that this article helps you to identify the right moving and storage service.


For Boston moving and storage services, contact us here at OnDemand Storage!

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