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How to Properly Pack Artwork & Pictures

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How to Properly Pack Artwork & Pictures, OnDemand StorageThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why is it important to protect your precious memories when moving. Below we have useful tips for properly packing artwork and pictures to help protect them during the move.

  • To help protect your frames from becoming chipped or broken, it is imperative to use proper packing material. We recommend wrapping frames taping down the glass to the frame and then wrapping the frame in bubble wrap. Be sure to cover the corners of the frames properly as well, since they are more delicate.
  • When choosing boxes to wrap your artwork in, it is best to use sturdy boxes that fit the picture snug, so it does not have much room to move, but not too tight where it would ruin the frame. If you have many small picture frames, we recommend wrapping the frames individually and placing them tightly in a box on their side because they will absorb pressure easier. It is important to write “Fragile” in clear handwriting on every side of the box to remind the movers to be extra careful while moving.
  • We recommend wedging larger pictures and artwork in-betweens larger objects to protect them from falling over in the moving truck. Placing large portraits between mattresses is an excellent way to keep your frames upright yet against something soft.

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