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How to Store Shoes and Boots

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Check out the best ways to store shoes and boots!

Whether you’re a millennial who’s living in the city to starting out in your career or a downsizer trading suburban comfort for urban excitement; maximizing your space is always going to be on the forefront of your mind. Somehow we always seem to accumulate a massive collection of shoes and their always getting in the way and creating a mess at the bottom of our closets. Here are some tips so you can utilize that valuable space in the bottom of your closet!

1. Categorize

We have shoes for different occasions. We recommend storing shoes with some sort of system. Two common systems that are effective are storing according to:

  1. Frequency – How often do you wear these shoes? Are they only for special occasions? Everyday? Work or play?
  2. Color/Style – Are these heels? Boots? Sneakers? Also, we often times choose a shoe based on it’s color making it a quick and easy way to identify the pair we are seeking quickly.
How to Store Shoes and Boots, OnDemand Storage
color coding shoes helps to make it easier to find what you’re looking for!

2. Store Shoes in Clear Boxes

Boxes/bins make everything easier. Storing in bins allows you to stack your shoes in a neat controlled manner. Cramming all your shoes into one large bin is going to make finding the pair you want difficult and time consuming. Check out some of the awesome options the Container Store has for storing shoes.


How to Store Shoes and Boots, OnDemand Storage
Storing shoes in clear bins makes finding them a breeze


3. Store Special Occasion Shoes at the Top

Everybody has that pair (or pairs) of shoes they have spent way too much money on, especially because their reserved for the super high end events. To avoid running into them more than their annual visit, simply store them at the very top of your closet. This way when you’re looking for your everyday shoes you will not run into them, but when you do need them you’re not rummaging through large boxes full of shoes and you’ll know exactly where you stored your expensive pair!



How to Store Shoes and Boots, OnDemand Storage
Store your high end heels at the top of your closet


4. Get Creative

Do you live in really small space? Do you want to keep your shoes out of your main closet? Well, then get creative! You can search websites like Pinterest  for awesome (functionally & looking) ideas. I have put some photos of ODS favorites below!


How to Store Shoes and Boots, OnDemand StorageHow to Store Shoes and Boots, OnDemand Storage


5. Use OnDemand Storage

Even the most creative ideas still rob space from other, more pressing space concerns. Let ODS bring you a plastic bin and store some of your off-season shoes and boots in our climate controlled and secure warehouse. Once the weather turns and you need your sandals or your winter boots back, you’re a click away from a front door delivery.