International Student Shipping

International student shipping is an extremely valuable service for international students. Populations of international students in the united states are growing rapidly. At ODS, we have noticed this trend and have decided to really focus in on international student shipping.

Inbound packages:

If you are an international student who needs to ship to school, please see our ship to school page here:

Ship-to-School Program

You have the ability to send packages through our DHL account. We can provide this information via phone call or email. Through our DHL account students have the ability save up to 30% on international shipments. If you need to send the packages weeks to months in advance that is allowed as well, there will be an additional storage fee tacked onto the price. Once you’re ready for your packages, let ODS know and we will deliver them to your location.

Outbound packages:

ODS can also provide similar savings on international student shipping from your school or university to your home no matter where you are in the world. We have experience shipping belongings successfully to over 50+ countries! We can come to your residence hall, pick up your belongs and ship them immediately, or store them for a period of time, and then deliver them to your home.


ODS is a proud partner of DHL, who is the top international shipping provider in the world. International shipping can be very expensive if you are trying to ship on a one off basis. That’s where ODS can help! We use bulk shipping power to get lower rates through DHL and then we pass those savings onto you. It’s a great feeling to save a customer $100s and still provide a world class service. Check back soon to and you will be able to international student shipping quotes right on our website! Let ODS handle your shipping needs, we work hard to get your valuables to you safe and sound in a timely fashion.


ODS provides international student shipping for any part of the Globe.