Keeping Your Belongings Safe In Storage

Keeping belongings safe in storage is a major (and legitimate) concern for many of our customers. OnDemand Storage always uses best practices during transportation and in our warehouse, but there are tips and tricks you can use when packing to keep belongings from getting damaged.

  1. Mix Heavy & Light Items – This allows your boxes to have a good weight distribution. At ODS we have a 45lb weight limit per box, not because we’re not strong enough to lift it, but because it puts your belongings in jeopardy. If you have fragile items make sure¬†to make it clear box is designated as fragile. We recommend using recycled newspapers to wrap frames, bowls, cups, or anything else glass that may break! Letting your pick up specialists know which boxes contain fragile items can help prevent disasters as they can take extra special care of those items.
  2. Prepare Furniture Items – Keeping furniture items safe in storage is easier said than done. ODS wraps all furniture items with premium grade plastic wrap to keep the quality of the of the fabric safe. If you have a beautiful wooden bureau, ODS will wrap it in a moving blanket and then using our premium grade plastic wrap to secure it on there. This prevents the wood from getting scratched or damaged.
  3. Wash Clothing– While this may seem intuitive to most, it is unfortunately a real concern. With average storage periods well over 12 months, clothes have plenty of time to get stinky if they are not washed properly. Clothing items can actually get ruined this way, so make sure to give them a fresh wash!
  4. Wardrobe Boxes РTo continue with the clothing theme, use wardrobe boxes to hang valuable clothing items. Some clothes can get ruined if they are left folded (or stuffed) into a box. By hanging them up, they will be kept safe and even wearable right out of the box!
  5. Cover/Seal Boxes– This is an ODS rule because we care about your belongings! If items are left uncovered or unsealed without high quality tape (which we can provide) then items can get dusty in storage. This is an easy step and also helps to remind customers not to cram their boxes with a few more items. It’s better to have 10 properly packed boxes than 7 over-packed and inappropriately sealed boxes.