Keeping Your Move Organized

“Organization is key”, this has never been more relevant than during a move. Moving is stressful, requires preparation, and is expensive. However, being organized and preparing properly saves you time and money – in a big way!

Organization during a move will allow you to save money because movers charge an hourly rate. If you properly pack boxes and label them effectively the movers will be able to place items in their final destination with less direction from you allowing them to finish more quickly. You will also save time on packing, remember you’re on the clock when the movers leave.

Avoid stress by preparing for your move ahead of time.

We suggest labeling all of your boxes in a similar manner because if all the boxes have labels in the same area they time will not be wasted searching for the contents of the box. Label items destined for storage clearly, consider using colored tape so you and the movers can easily identify which items will be making the move and which ones may not be.

Items you can move yourself you should consider bringing close to an exit. This will save you big time and keep like items together. For example if you move all the dining room chairs to the door the movers can get them first and then not have to shimmy around them while removing other items. Also, it will allow them to unload items that are going to furthest part of the new house soon.

ODS will continually post valuable information about moving and storage. Organizing a move or storage pick up is important for your savings and peace of mind. Keep and eye out for more content about packing tips!