Luggage storage Boston

Luggage Storage Boston

Are you traveling Boston? Do you need short term luggage storage? Long term luggage storage? OnDemand Storage can help you with your luggage storage needs!

Whether you’re coming to Boston by train, plane, or bus sometimes during travel you’ll have a layover and need to find short term luggage storage options in Boston. If you can find a place to ditch the luggage in the mean time you can go explore all the great things Boston has to offer. Trying to walk the Freedom Trail or shop in Faneuil Hall will be difficult with a 40lb suitcase and will surely ruin a nice day in Boston!

Short term luggage storage in Boston can be found at South Station or Rowe’s Warf Water Taxi. South Station, a major hub of train transportation has space to store luggage and other bags for $10/bag in the package express room. If you’re planning on taking the Amtrak and have a ticket with you then you’ll able to store your luggage in the Amtrak storage locker for only $3/bag. Furthermore, the Rowe’s Warf Water Taxi will store your luggage for free if you use their services.

So, you’re not at South Station or Rowe’s Warf, or need long term storage, where can you store luggage?

If you need a Boston luggage storage service for longer than a day or two your best option in OnDemand Storage who will provide full service pickup, storage, and delivery of luggage. OnDemand is changing the way storage works, you don’t have to do anything except provide pickup details and ODS sends a truck or van to grab your luggage.

Once your item is in storage, OnDemand uploads a photo inventory so you’ll always have eyes on your valuables. Need it back? Simply, log into your account and request on demand delivery anywhere! If you need something shipped internationally, we provide discounted shipping to any country in the world through our partnership with DHL.

OnDemand Storage pricing plans start at $10/month so depending on the number of items you’ll be storing you get great savings!