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5 Apps that Make Life More Convenient

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Our storage pick up and delivery service is designed to make your life easier. Providing a convenient storage solution is our main goal, but there are a lot of other organizations dedicated to making other aspects of your life easier as well. We’re going to suggest some other apps and services that can help make your day a little better!

    1. Door DashProvides delivery of over 54,000 restaurants in only minutes. Not bad! No more searching through different restaurants to find what you want to eat, Door Dash puts it all in one place so you can easily find and order what you actually want. Why would you walk 10 blocks to your favorite place when you can get it right to your door?5 Apps that Make Life More Convenient, OnDemand Storage
    2. UnPakt Is an online marketplace that allows moving companies to bid on moves that customers create by explaining the nature of their job by answering a series of questions. This is great because it allows customers to compare the prices of different moving companies. UnPakt estimated the average customer saves 45% on their move by going through their service. If you have a move coming up, it is definitely worth running it through UnPakt and seeing how low you can get the price!5 Apps that Make Life More Convenient, OnDemand Storage
    3. Ellucian Go – This App is great for university students. It provides convenient updates of recent events, homework, and schedules at almost every school in America. Stay in the loop  whether you are on or off campus.
    4. Mynd – Is your mobile assistant. This allows you to join conference calls, suggest meetings, and even automatically link to LinkedIn to see who is going to be attending a specific meeting. This is great for HR professionals or anyone who handles a lot of individuals.
    5. OnDemand Storage Do you live in a city with and have too much stuff? Are you downsizing? Do you want to store seasonal items? OnDemand Storage is a stress free way to make life more convenient. ODS sends pick up specialists directly to your home where they can help you pack, load, and transport items to storage. You’ll have the ability to request items back on-demand.5 Apps that Make Life More Convenient, OnDemand Storage

      Don’t get stuck driving one of these! Let ODS do all the work for you.

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