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Most Efficient Way to Store Household Goods in Boston

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Household goods can be a great way to make your house feel like home. However, in excess, your house may resemble a warzone. A lifetime is a long time of collecting items for your home, and it is common for people to have more stuff than their living space allows. In the instance that you are unable to part way permanently with your possessions, it is time to explore your storage options! In this article, we will discuss your storage options for your household goods in the Boston area.



  1. Find the Best Storage Service
  2. Organize and Pack Your Items Correctly
  3. Organize Your Boxes and Items in the Storage Unit
  4. Choose the OnDemand Storage Cube for Your Household Goods!


Find the Best Storage Service

In order to ensure safekeeping and easy access to your stored household goods, you need to find the best storage service that works for you. In our blog post on Things to consider when renting storage units in Boston, we outline multiple factors that you need to consider when renting your storage space. How much space do you need? How long will you need the storage unit? What level of security do you want for your storage unit? How much access do you need to your storage? Do you need temperature control? How far are you willing to travel to acquire your household goods? What is your budget? You need to keep all of these questions in mind when trying to identify the best storage service for your household possessions.


Organize and Pack Your Items Correctly

Household goods come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to organize and pack your items away correctly to reduce damage and help with ease of access. We mention in our blog post on tips for preparing a move, that you need boxes to store all of your items. Once obtained, it is smart to put heavier items at the bottom of boxes and lighter items at the top to minimize damage. We also suggest utilizing blankets, socks, bubble wrap or other soft material to wrap and stuff breakables, for safekeeping. Lastly, we suggest organizing and labeling each box based on commonalities (i.e. ‘knick knacks, living room, kitchen, tools, etc.)


Organize Your Boxes and Items in the Storage Unit

This is where the labels on your boxes come in handy! Our previous blog post describing how to properly sort your items in storage, we recommend that you organize your boxes based on the labels/categories. That way if you need one or two particular items, rather than rummaging through your entire storage unit to find it, you are able to find it quickly and efficiently. You worked so hard to pack everything away. The last thing that you want is to re-pack everything because you forgot where you put that one item.


Choose the OnDemand Storage Cube for Your Household Goods!

Are you in the Boston area? Not having any luck finding the best storage service for your household goods? Well look no further! We at OnDemand Storage are now offering a new, revolutionary product: the OnDemand Storage Cube. As described in our storage service blog post, the Cube is a 350 cubic feet storage unit that we hold in our warehouse. In addition to the storage of your household items, we handle pickup and drop off as well! The only thing that you will need to focus on is packing your items. We will handle the rest. It’s as easy as that!


Contact us to learn more about our OnDemand Storage Cube, and the services that we provide!

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