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Moving to Boston: From a Boston Moving Company

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You are moving to the Boston area. You are unsure of what to expect. You’ve heard a lot about the local ‘Massholes’ speaking in this weird ‘Bahstan’ accent. You’re excited to catch a ball game at Fenway Park and fraternize with the local ‘Havahd Smahties’. But outside of all that, you are unsure of what to expect. That is completely understandable! Moving to a new city can be chaotic and scary. Well we hope that you choose to use OnDemand Storage to help you with your move (see blog as to why), but we’re not here to talk about us, we are here to talk about you.

Enjoy reading these tips and suggestions for things to do in the Boston area, from a Boston Moving and Storage company!


A List of Things to Do in the Boston Area, From a Boston Moving Company

  1. Are You an Outdoorsy Individual, Moving to the Boston Area?
    1. Bike lanes, Pedestrian Ways, the Boston Commons, the Esplanade, the Public Gardens
    2. White Mountains of NH, Kancamagus Highway, Cape Cod, Fall Colors
  2. Are You Interested in the Historical Side of the Boston Area?
    1. Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride
    2. Old North Church, Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth Rock
  3. Interested in the Boston Area Night Life?
    1. Fenway Park, Bars, Bars and more Bars
  4. Interested in the Boston Area Music Scene?
    1. TD Garden, House of Blues, Brighton Music Hall, Nightclubs


Are You an Outdoorsy Individual, Moving to the Boston Area?

For those who are the outdoorsy type, moving to a city can be a daunting task. Well, fear not! Boston is a very accommodating area for those who prefer life outside of their homes. Boston boasts an extensive network of bike lanes and pedestrian ways. There are numerous parks laid throughout the city, including the Boston Commons, the Esplanade and the Public Gardens. Along with numerous tours of all kinds, it is difficult for outdoor enthusiasts to not get their fill in the Boston area.

If you have a car and outdoor life within the Boston area is not fulfilling enough, the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire are within a 2 hour drive from the city. The gorgeous seashores of Cape Cod, MA is just over an hour drive away. Let’s not forget the beautiful colors that overcome the New England area in the fall! For an ultimate viewpoint of the changing Autumn leaves, venture up to the White Mountains and drive along the Kancamagus Highway. You will not regret it!


Are You Interested in the Historical Side of the Boston Area?

Newsflash! The Boston area is home to a lot of American history. Ever heard of the Shot Heard Around the World? How about the Boston Tea Party? Maybe the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? Yeah, that all happened right in the Boston area! And you bet these Bostonians will not let you forget that. Walking near the Boston Commons, you will undoubtedly stumble upon individuals dressed as Minutemen following a brick trail with tourists in tow. This would be the Freedom Trail! The very trail that Paul Revere followed in his infamous night ride.

From the Old North Church, to the site of the Boston Massacre, tours, museums and plaques provide history buffs with loads of information. Who knew that one city could have so much history? Don’t forget about Old Ironsides, Boston’s infamous wooden ship that survived cannonblasts through multiple wars. If you are feeling extra adventurous, take a 45 minute venture down to the town of Plymouth to visit Plimoth Plantation: the site of the Pilgrim landing. Hopefully by the time that you arrive, Plymouth Rock will not be Plymouth Pebble.


Interested in the Boston Area Night Life

For the night owls, I am sorry to say that Boston’s scene closes at 2 AM most nights. However, there is still plenty to do before the city shuts down! Boston is a bar town and is well known for its plethora of bars. The bars around Fenway Park are always busy on gameday. Head to the Yard House for the tallest glass of beer you ever did see. For dollar Bud Lights, head to Coogan’s on the weekend. Are you looking for a bar to get your groove on? Tavern in the Square in Brookline and Ned Devine’s near Faneuil Hall are both great options.


Interested in the Boston Area Music Scene?

Boston has multiple music venues that offers space for music lovers of all types. TD Garden and the House of Blues both host big name artists and large crowds. For those who want to get fancy and spend some extra money on bottle service, nightclubs like Royale and Bijou host famous DJs that are sure to bring the house down. As for those who enjoy music on a budget, there are plenty of other smaller venues such as Brighton Music Hall that hosts smaller, yet arguably more artistic musicians.


Boston is a city that accommodates people of all types! We wish you luck in your transition to the Boston area, and hope that you consider moving with us! If so, you may contact us here.

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