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Moving to Boston: What to Expect?

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Moving to Boston

So you’ve decided to move to Boston – you’re going to love it! You’re probably expecting unpredictable weather and crazy sports fans, and while both are true, we’re here to give you a local’s glimpse of our favorite city neighborhoods!

Where should I live in Boston?


If you are recently out of college and moving to Boston, consider living in Allston or Brighton. These neighborhoods typically have cheaper rent and more advantageous public transportation via the Green Line (big money saver). The average rent in the Allston/Brighton area is $2,400 (2B, 1BA), which is near the bottom of Boston rental costs. There is great value here as many of Boston’s best bars and restaurants are close by. We would highly suggest the 22-25 age group looks here first. 


When you’re ready to graduate from the Allston/Brighton neighborhood, South Boston is the place for you. Ask any local and it seems like “Southie” (as it is called colloquially) has new condos and restaurants popping up every day. Rent will run you about $2,500 – $3,000+ for a two bedroom place, but it’s well worth it as you can stroll down Broadway to shop, eat, and drink at some of the hottest new spots in all of Boston. 


Our favorite spot in the city is the South End & Back Bay neighborhoods. Beautiful brownstone lined streets nestled between skyscrapers creates a neighborhood feel with the convenience of being near downtown. Rent in these neighborhoods averages around $4,000 for a two bedroom apartment. If you plan to purchase, be ready to write a check as the price per square foot in Back Bay is about $1,100!

, OnDemand Storage
, OnDemand Storage

Is the Weather in Boston Really that Bad?

Boston gets unfair criticism when it comes to talking about the weather. Granted, the Winters are tough, you have to be ready for a lot of snow, freezing cold temperatures, and a brutal wind that comes off of the water. Other than that, it’s great! Summer averages around 80 degrees making it perfect for stopping by M street beach or a stroll around Castle Island. In the Fall, families travel from all over the world to look at the reds, oranges, and browns that decorate the trees. While the seasonal shifts are drastic, it provides a welcome change every 3-4 months that truly allows you to enjoy the moment in a way that is unmatched by anywhere else. In time, the weather will actually be your favorite part about moving to Boston!

Are Boston Sports Fans Really Crazy?

Boston sports fans are crazy, but in the best way possible. There’s a reason its called the City of Champions because the fans demand championships, and as of late the franchises have delivered.  When you move to Boston and join the Boston sports fraternity you’ll appreciate being a part of Tom Brady’s record breaking seasons or a Red Sox October run. Sports are ingrained in Boston culture and it won’t take long to assimilate.

Moving to Boston: What to Expect?, OnDemand Storage

A few ways we can make your move to Boston easier…

Local Moving Company?

OnDemand Storage works a lot with Piece by Piece Movers located in Newton, Massachusetts. They are reliable and owned by a trusted friend of the OnDemand Storage community. If you need a reliable mover to help get you set up in your new home they are the best.

Need a Realtor?

If you’re moving to Boston from another city, there is a good chance you need a realtor with local expertise. I highly suggest calling Joseph Zanca or Barrett O’Neill (ODS Founders) who are also local experts when it comes to the real estate market and they will can easily find you what you’re looking for!

They can both reached at:

508-259-9301 or 339-235-0864

Need Storage? A Place to Ship?

At OnDemand Storage we are experts in storage and shipping. We provide pickup, storage, and return of stored items which can be accessed through your virtual storage unit. If you’re moving to Boston from another part of the country feel free to ship items to our warehouse where we can store and then deliver them when you arrive. Either way we look forward to helping! We can be reached at or 781-499-5330!