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Need More Space in the South End?

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The South End is one of the most beautiful and sought after neighborhoods in the entire United States and residents pay a premium to live on the brownstone-lined streets. However, like most historic neighborhoods, space is tight! The average price per square foot in in the South End is approximately $1100, one of the highest in Boston.  For resident’s to get the most value out of their dollar they should consider seasonal storage options through OnDemand Storage.

Need More Space in the South End?, OnDemand Storage
This is Union Park in Boston’s South End.

Think of OnDemand Storage as a revolving door, when it’s winter use one of our wardrobe boxes to hang all of your summer dresses or suits. We can also store your bike because let’s face, no one wants to ride through the windy South End on a bicycle when it’s 10 degrees out.  When the weather turns log into your virtual unit to request your dresses, suits, or bike and then trade them for your skis, snowboard, or bulky winter clothes.

Our seasonal storage options provide the most value to you because we provide pick up and drop off whenever you need your belongings back or picked up. Imagine not having to store your skis in your bedroom next summer? Just freeing up that extra space is liberating. You’ll be more likely to entertain, socialize in your home, and genuinely feel good about yourself Maid Near Me. There are numerous studies to support de-cluttering and it’s positive effects on eliminating stress.

If you’re living in Boston’s South End and need some extra space give OnDemand Storage a call and let us help you relax while creating space in your home. Full service storage will undoubtedly make your life more enjoyable and stress free and all of our storage options are affordable.