New York University Student Storage 

Free box delivery to NYU

Free box delivery to NYU

Storage specialists pickup your items

Storage specialists pickup your items

Secure storage near NYU

Secure storage near NYU

Delivery of stored items

Delivery of stored items

NYU Summer Storage Service

NYU is located in the heart of New York City and has 22 on campus residence halls that house over 12,000 students throughout the year. OnDemand Storage makes moving in and moving out of college easier by delivering free boxes to students who are signed up for our full service storage service for NYU students. ODS also provides storage with pickup to the 38,000 students that live off campus as well. With students hailing from all over the United States and global reach, the students at NYU benefit from our summer storage service in NYC. 

Study Abroad Student Storage at NYU

Every year more than 3,000 NYU students choose to study abroad at more than 14 different locations. While studying abroad is typically the best semester of a students academic career, there is a lot of preparation that goes into successfully traveling and returning to school. Storage for dorm room belongings is often overlooked, although it can cause major a inconvenience for the student and their family. Without proper preparation, students may clutter their family home or force families to travel with boxes or furniture. Trust ODS to  store your stuff!


Lowest Student Storage Prices in New York

*prices listed denote cost for a 4 month period: summer, fall, or spring semester*

Per Item/ Whole Summer


Ironing Board


Step Ladder

Small Rug


Laptop Bag

Shoe Box

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Small Bins

Cube Fridge

Small Mirror

Duffle Bag


End Table

Plastic Drawers

Laundry Basket

Per Item/ Whole Summer

Clothes Bin

Clothes Rack

Mini Fridge

Mattress Topper


Large Suitcase

TV < 35"

Standing Lamp

Extra Large
Per Item/ Whole Summer

Large Bin


Office Chair


TV > 35"

Coffee Table

Large Rug


Click the yellow "sign up" button and then proceed through the OnDemand Storage 5-step process to schedule your pickup appointment. Feel Free to add photos of your items into your virtual unit, although you don't have to. 

ODS will be distributing packing supplies at NYU within 1-2 weeks of the spring semester ending. 

Yes! NYU students can get insurance on their items in storage!

$10 for $100

$25 for $250

$50 for $500

Sure! ODS Boxes are great; but if you want to use your own packing materials you can. 

The prices listed on the page are a one time cost per semester period. A semester period in ODS terms is a 3-4 month period that includes one of the following: spring, summer, or fall semester. If you want to store for 2 periods (i.e. traveling abroad from January - September) the cost will be 2x the listed prices. 

All items are priced per-item so you're in charge of the cost of your student storage. We want you to feel comfortable with the cost! 

Using NYU Student Storage students can get their items back during the move in days the school schedules. ODS plans re-delivery of items to coincide with school scheduled move-in days. 

Yes! ODS provides both on campus & off campus pickups. However, the available dates times can differ. 


Full Service Storage at New York University

The storage calendar provides relevant information regarding ODS Box Days, regularly scheduled pickup days, and re-delivery days. If you need boxes delivered or your items picked up on a day that is not marked on the calendar you should call 781-499-5330 as you will have to sign up over the phone. 

During ODS Box Days OnDemand Storage crew members will strategically park trucks on campus and distribute packing materials including boxes, mattress bags, etc. OnDemand Storage trucks will be parked in trim lot to distribute materials on the designated days, typically 1-2 weeks before storage pickup days begin.  


  • Included in NYU alumni community are 30 Pulitzer Prize winners
  • NYU was established in 1831
  • NYU has the 7th largest housing system at a University in the USA
  • NYU is the "greenest college in the US