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Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Move, From Professional Boston Mover

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Are you planning an upcoming move? Or just putting some old items away in a storage unit? In this blog, we will be outlining some of our recommendations to help you prepare for this stressful time. Regardless of whether your move is down the road or across the country, these local Boston Mover and Storage tips will make your life easier!


Professional Boston Mover Tips, Outlined

  • Plan Your Trip Ahead
  • Prepare Your Move and/or Storage in Advance
  • Don’t Forget to Pack!
  • Ask for Help if Necessary


Plan Your Trip Ahead

Moving and storing your possessions can be a headache. It helps to have an itinerary in advance. Will you be moving just around the corner? Then maybe a simple UHaul truck will do the trick, with a few trips back and forth, of course. Will you be moving across the country and unable to live in your home for another month? Then you may have to consider a full-fledged moving and storage service to ensure the safe keeping of your possessions.

Your itinerary matters as well. You want to remain cost effective, efficient and safe throughout your moving and storage experience. Using Boston movers? With all of the crazy roads and drivers in Boston, you want to ensure that drivers are able to safely relocate your possessions, and correctly access loading and unloading zones in your old and new place. Moving your possessions into Boston storage? It may be smart to contact your storage provider ahead of time, to confirm any parking restrictions and learn the best route.


Prepare Your Move and/or Storage in Advance

Now that you have your trip planned out, it’s time to prepare your belongings for the move and storage. How will you be storing your items? Do your storage containers need to be weather proof? What is your budget? How much stuff do you have? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself in preparation for your move.

For the most cost effective means of storage, there are options for you to obtain cheap or even free boxes. For those who plan to independently transport their belongings, you may ask around local stores or your nearby hardware store (i.e. Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc.) to see if they have any free or reduced price cardboard boxes. Many stores receive their merchandise in cardboard boxes and simply throw them in the recycling bin when they are done with them.  It doesn’t hurt to ask!


Don’t Forget to Pack!

As a part of the preparation process, you need to pack your belongings! This is probably the most tedious and drawn out part of the process, especially when you come across that old picture book from the family vacation to Cape Cod. It is the most unpleasant part of the process, but it is necessary, nonetheless!

When you are packing your belongings for moving and storage, place heavier and non-breakable items at the bottom of the box. You don’t want the vase that Grandma bought in Italy, to crush under pressure! For your sake, and the sake of the movers, please also label boxes that are filled with breakable items, “Fragile”. Just like the label on the box containing the lamp in A Christmas Story – although contrary to what Ralphie’s father believes, the term is not French. It is English.


Ask For Help if Necessary

Now that all of your belongings are packed away, it is time to make the move! Then you realize, “wow, I have so much stuff!” Now it is time to ask for help. Ideally, you are able to request assistance from a friend, family member or a helpful neighbor. We suggest that you if you choose to go with this method, compensating them for their help with pizza and an ice cold beer.

Although, sometimes it is better to request for professional help. In that case, you may want to shop around and find the best company for your wallet and your sanity. For your Boston Move and Boston Storage needs, we at OnDemand Storage would be happy to help! Since we handle both moving and storage in the Boston area and beyond, we will be able to make your life and your experience, a breeze. Check out our blog post that provides you with the benefits in choosing to work with us!

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