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Self Storage in Charlestown

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Charlestown is a beautiful and bustling neighborhood in the Northern part of Boston’s city limits. Home to gentrified condominiums and the historic Charlestown Navy Yard there is no wonder why housing prices are skyrocketing and young couples want to live there. However, whenever home buyers pay a premium for city living, there is one down side, a lack of practical storage space.

Self Storage is Charlestown is a legitimate concern, especially when you are going to pay top-dollar for their home. Almost 50% of Charlestown natives use public transportation which means in a likelihood, they do not have a legitimate manner to move items to and from their storage unit as seasons change and items need to be retrieved.

A full service storage option, like OnDemand Storage, makes far more sense for natives of Charlestown because pick up and delivery allows them to have the convenience they need, while still having the benefits of removing seasonal or excess clutter from their home.

Our virtual storage unit, brings the comfort of seeing your belongings, without the hassle of finding a way to move them. Our experienced pick up and delivery specialists take the time to ensure your valuables are kept in mint condition and always at your fingertips – literally.

If you need self storage in Charlestown give OnDemand Storage a call at 781-499-5330 and we can find the right unit size for you, without all the inconvenience!