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Short Term Storage Between Leases

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The standard lease cycle in Boston extends from September to September because of the large populations of college students in Boston. While this is convenient for the students as it aligns perfectly with their arrival and exit from the city, it causes large traffic jams and congestion for the days around September 1st. However, as more websites and apps dedicated to finding apartments appear this old way of renting is losing steam. Even though it is more convenient to find off cycle leases; it is difficult to have a seamless transition from one place to the other and you may need short term storage when your lease ends.

What do I with my stuff when my lease ends mid-year?

College Students

It is becoming more common for college students to have a lease that ends mid-year. Whether you’re studying abroad next semester or sub-letting your current space the chances of a seamless transition are not in your favor. When this happens you are presented with a situation that costs you time and money. OnDemand Storage can minimize this burden for you. We have special one month storage deals for college students where you only get charged one time on a per-item basis. You’ll save time because  OnDemand Storage provides box delivery, storage item pickup, and delivery of your stored items when you finally get into that new place.  You’ll save money because we don’t have any sneaky charges if you’re in storage for an extra day or two.

Residential Customers

As previously stated, websites and mobile apps are making finding apartments year round easier.  In turn, this creates more people who need short term storage during the off cycle times when in between leases.  Don’t waste a PTO day at work moving your stuff to a storage unit only to get it out a month later. OnDemand Storage will come to your apartment get your stuff, store it, and bring it back when you’re ready. OnDemand Storage also has extremely competitive pricing and plans start as low $49/month for short term storage. Don’t stress out about your lease ending

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