What is the Sneeze Shield?

Sneeze Shield

The Sneeze Shield is designed with Colleges, Universities and Offices in mind. Our tool-less construction makes the Sneeze Shield customizable to any office, dorm, cafeteria, or anywhere that human interaction can increase the risk of community spread of viruses. Sneeze Shield is the first tool-less germ protector made with our custom reinforced plastic shield and versatile dura-clamps for reconfiguration and easy cleaning. Sneeze Shield can protect any environment from the unintentional spread of viruses, germs, and other bacteria. Promote a clean, productive and friendly environment that empowers people to feel comfortable!

  • Tool-less construction
  • Versatile design
  • Customizable to any space
  • Custom made Dura-Clamps prevent destruction to walls, desks, and more
  • Can easily be set up and removed for cleaning and reconfiguring
  • Protect cubicles, cafeterias, cashiers, common rooms, and more

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