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South Boston has become an increasingly desirable location for young professionals and families to reside. South Boston Real Estate prices have sky rocketed in recent years due to rapid development and increasing demand. Despite the rapid building, supply cannot keep up, boosting the median sale price in 2017 to $631,000. In the past 15 years home price have risen 89% compared to 6.7% between 1990 and 2000. This is a testament to the gentrification taking place all over Boston, more specifically in South Boston.

The increase in South Boston Real Estate prices have had many driving factors, namely the increasing levels of higher education. In 2000, only 30% of South Boston Residents had a bachelor’s degree. As of 2015, over 70% of residents have a bachelor’s degree. Higher educations drives investment into local businesses, attracting more residents and ultimately driving the real estate prices upward. This can be seen by the development along West Broadway through retail, multifamily, and dining options.

The average price per square foot in Southie is $577 as of April 2016. With many condos averaging around 800-1000 sf wasting space at such a high price is not an option. Considering using a storage option! One major problem is many Bostonians do not have cars or the means to transport seasonal items to storage. OnDemand Storage can help you solve this problem via our full service option. We come right to your location to provide pick up. We then transport your valuables to our climate-controlled and secure warehouse. We’ll then create an online inventory of all of your items so you can see, manage, and request your items at any time. Need something back? No worries, simply log into your online unit and select them item and schedule deliver.

OnDemand Storage understands the unique needs to South Boston residents because we are South Boston residents! We understand the beautiful, but defined seasons in Boston make cramming all 4 wardrobes into one a closet a necessity. Our goal is to solve this problem for you by doing everything for you. Just sign up, pack, and you’re done!