Storage Units in Braintree

Braintree, MA is a unique town that sits right between the crossing of many major highways including I-95 and I-93. Due to it's great location,  real estate prices in Braintree are soaring to all time highs. In years past, as families grew larger with 2-3 children they  opted to move further down the south shore to have more land for their family. However, with Boston's growing footprint, Braintree has a prime location to the city, where many residents work, tempting them to stay longer!

When you try to cram 5 people into a house originally intended for 2-3 people it is easy to see that space will soon become an issue. Due to this fact, storage in Braintree is very common for its residents. There are many benefits to using a storage solution in Braintree, some of the best are: 

  1. Keep your commute short - How are your storage unit and your commute related? Well, more closely than you think! If you opt to use a storage solution then you may have space in your house for an additional child allowing you to keep that commute short! Whether you use the commuter rail or the "T" it is a 10-20 minute train ride to the heart of Boston's business districts. A storage unit is  small price to pay compared to an hour commute each way. 
  2. Peace of Mind - How does your storage unit and stress level effect one another? Surprisingly, a lot! There are numerous studies that suggest having a cluttered living space directly effects your stress levels. There is no need to list all the negative effects of stress, but they are in the thousands and become serious over time. Seasonal clothing, bikes, skis, snowboards, hockey equipment, etc. are just a few of the bulky items you can remove from your home to have a serious impact on your health. 
  3. Entertain-  We already mentioned what a great location Braintree, MA has, making it a perfect place to entertain for holidays or other social gatherings. Friends and family have easy access to Braintree because all roads lead home to Braintree. However its not feasible and is embarrassing to entertain when your home is messy. A Braintree storage unit will you remove the clutter that is preventing you from feeling confident about your home. 




Now that we have established the benefits of storage in general, let's discuss the best ways to store

Storage With Pickup - Known as "full service" or "on demand" storage the company will come to your home to help you prepare/pack, pickup your belongings, and store them. This is a convenient storage method because they can create a "virtual storage unit" that allows you to log in to see, manage, and request any item at any time! OnDemand Storage ( provides the best version of this service. We have a friendly staff that truly cares about your valuables, because that's what they are to us. If you want to learn more about our service click the button below!



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Self-Storage Braintree-  Is an exhausting process. It requires a lot of manual labor, help from others, and a lot of steps. You'll need to pack/prepare a lone, get packing materials, rent a truck, rent the unit, buy a lock, get an access code, return the truck, etc. On top of all of this work, you'll have to remember that long access code so you can get into the facility. There are few benefits to self-storage and they are heavily outweighed by the negative.