Storage in Newton MA

OnDemand Storage provides service to all towns inside the I 495 belt. We see a lot of our customers are searching for Storage with pick up in Newton, MA. Newton, known as the “Garden City” is a city about 7 miles outside of Boston. Newton has a variety of different neighborhoods called “villages”. We see a variety of different types of customers because Newton offers many different types of homes. For example, there are large multifamily properties where space is tight and customers need extra space to store seasonal items or excess stuff.

Also, OnDemand Storage sees many customers from Newton that are moving from a large home to a smaller one across town. When they downsize they need to put some items into storage to help create room in their new homes. Often times these customers use a self storage unit in Newton, but ODS recommends our full service storage option. As you get closer to Boston we see a lot of triple decker style homes and many of those customers are younger people who may be renting to avoid paying high fees in Boston. Valet style storage is great for young people because they often do have the means or capability to move items into their Newton storage unit. Regardless, storage with pick up is the most convenient way to store in Newton.  There are also thousands of businesses in Newton that can benefit from a full service storage option. OnDemand Storage expects to continue to get customers of all types from Newton because storage is needed.