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Storage Units in Framingham

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Storage units in Framingham is a diverse market because there are many different types of housing all which require needs when it comes to decluttering or creating extra space in homes.  Some residents live in an urban setting, most notably on the south side of town, where there are a lot of apartment buildings, and the need for seasonal storage and extra living space is a real concern.

Extra space in Framingham can be hard to come by because there are no conveniently located self storage facilities. Also, many urban dwellers do not have the means to move items to storage because they do have the proper vehicles.

On the north side of town there are some large homes are in need of storage, but for different reasons. Many times these homes sell and the owners downsizing because they have become empty-nesters. With houses 3000+ sf, there is no need for that much space anymore.

But why do they need storage?

Homeowners need storage in north Framingham because they want to be able to keep belongings for when their children have a house of their own. This is typical when an older couple moves out of their family home, they will pass down their items to their children to help ease the cost of the expensive home buying process.

If you live in Framingham call OnDemand Storage at 781-499-5330 and we will provide storage with pick up – all for cheaper than self storage. We create a virtual storage unit that can be accessed via at anytime, you have the ability to request one or all of the items back at anytime!

Storage is finally convenient again!