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Storage Units Near Me: How do I Pick?

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Have you ever Googled, “Storage Units Near Me?”

Do you have more stuff than you know what to do with? Are you finding it difficult to part way with your possessions? Have you considered renting a storage unit? If you are thinking, “I need to find the best storage unit near me”, then you are in luck! In this blog, we will be discussing tips to help you find the best storage unit near you, whether you are in the Boston area, or elsewhere.


Research Great Storage Options Near You

First and foremost, it is extremely important to do your research. Simply searching “storage units near me” on Google will likely turn up a sea of results. Each storage service is unique. It is easy to click on the first 2 or 3 links that turn up on your Google search, but are these your best options? Is there another company that is better for your storage service needs? Below is a list of qualifications that you need to consider when deciding between the best “storage units near me”, as well as further explanations.


List of Things to Consider for “Storage Units Near Me”

  • Location
  • Hours of Operation
  • Price
  • Storage Specs
  • Climate Control
  • Loading Options
  • Storage Space Availability


What’s the Closest Storage Facility?

Location is super important when deciding between storage units. As the common real estate saying goes, “it’s all about location, location, location”. If you require regular access to your storage unit, the last thing that you want is to travel an unrealistic amount of time, anytime you need to visit. Especially in cities such as Boston, there are storage units everywhere! Don’t settle for a storage unit 1+ hour away simply because you feel that your options are limited. Do your research!


Hours of Operation

Each storage company is different and run at different hours of the day. If you work a standard 9 – 5 job, the last thing that you want is to use a storage company that operates at the same schedule. What if you need to get something from storage, and are only able to do it in the evening? How about early morning? In order to have easy access to your possessions, make sure that the storage unit you choose operates at hours that are convenient for you. Do your research!



Price is arguably one of the most important aspects of the decision making process when choosing the right storage service. Storage companies generally charge you on a monthly basis, and those expenses will most definitely add up. When searching “storage units near me” in your web browser, the top results are likely to be more expensive as they tend to be the more popular storage services. While these storage units may be close to you, it is pointless to consider these as options if they fall out of your budget. Make sure that you explore all of your available options when choosing the right storage unit. Do your research!


Storage Unit Sizes

You will need to find a storage service that has available storage space that is large (or small) enough to safely store all of your possessions. Many storage companies have limited space available for storage. As large storage units are limited and generally in high demand, it is wise to call ahead or check the company’s website to ensure that the storage space you require, is available. The last thing that you want is to sign a lease for a storage unit, arrive with all of your possessions in tow, and realize that it is too small to contain all of your items. On the flip side, you also don’t want to be paying a premium amount on a storage unit for which you do not fully utilize the available space. That is an unnecessary expense. Do your research!


Climate Controlled Storage Units

Do you live in an area that has high temperatures, low temperatures or both? If you have items that require more stable weather conditions (i.e. electronics, expensive furniture, etc.), it may be smart to invest in a storage unit that has climate control capability. The last thing that you need to worry about is your possessions damaging in storage. It is possible to control the climate of your storage unit. It is not possible to control the climate in your region. Similarly to the larger storage units, climate controlled units are not plentiful. Make sure that you contact the storage company ahead of time, to see if they have any climate control units available. Do your research!


Loading and Packing Options

Every storage company is different. Many require individuals/businesses to handle the entire storage process on their own. Others offer shipping services, so that way you will not need to worry about the transportation and loading of your possessions into storage. This makes things easy and minimizes the concern for hours of operation. OnDemand Storage is one of these services. For easy-to-use storage services in the Boston area, consider storing your possessions with us. Check out our OnDemand Storage website to learn more about the storage services that we provide. Do your research!


Storage Space Availability

As mentioned in multiple sections above, storage spaces are limited. Specific requests such as large storage units and temperature controlled units are in high demand. Some storage companies are even fully occupied and are unable to offer any storage space, whatsoever. It is wise to call ahead or check a company’s website to better understand their storage space availability. Do your research!


Try OnDemand Storage – Storage with Pickup

If you live in the Boston area and are in need of storage space, look no further! We at OnDemand Storage have storage warehouse locations in Randolph, Braintree and Medford, Massachusetts. Additionally, we offer pickup and delivery for your stored items. No need to worry about lifting heavy boxes and items! We do it all for you. For large storage space needs, check out our container storage offerings on our website.

New to our offerings is an “OnDemand Storage Cube” (click on link to learn more from our blog). Quickly, the OnDemand Storage Cube is a 350 cubic feet storage space that we offer for a mere $80/month. As mentioned above, we store these Cubes at one of our 3 warehouses, and handle pickup and delivery of your items. Look no further. No need to do more research!


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