Store Front


Are you interested in purchasing an item in our store front? Please email or call 781-499-5330. For an additional price we can provide delivery services to any location in the United States. Please feel free to browse our current inventory and be sure to check back as we are constantly adding new items to the store front.


Listing Items With ODS

Do you have items in your home that are too nice to junk, but don't have the space? We'll provide pickup, holding, and delivery of the items upon sale for a 20% listing fee. Delivery will be optional for the buyer and any costs associated with delivery will be charged to them. Initial pickup may have additional fees depending on the location/ difficulty of pickup.


Beige Sofa - $500Oval Table - $100White Wooden Dresser - $250Wood Dresser - $200Computer Desk - $150Side Board - $100Black Side Table - $100