Student Storage Rules and Guidelines

Student Storage Rules and Guidelines

At OnDemand Storage, we provide student storage services throughout the United States for thousands of students every year. To make sure every student has an enjoyable experience including on-time pickup, deliveries, and materials distribution we encourage you to read the list below! Please try to give ODS accurate information, however we understand things change so please feel free to reach out to 781-499-5330 if you have questions or need to make changes to your job details. 

Pickup and Drop Off Windows

  • Please be ready for the ODS crew completing your pickup or drop off during the window you signed up for. If you need to make changes to your order please reach out to ODS by phone or email at least 48 hours beforehand. 

Material Distribution

  • Most colleges and universities we service will have an "ODS Box Day". On a Box Day an ODS truck will be located at a central point on campus handing out boxes, mattress bags, etc. to students, making end of the year storage even easier. However, you are only eligible to receive packing materials if you have already signed up for a pickup. Typically, an ODS Box Day will take place 1-2 weeks before pickup days start to give students enough time to pack. If you have not signed up for a pickup and want to receive packing materials you may pay for them on-site or sign up for a job on-site to receive the materials.


  • While we're excited to store a duffle bag, backpack, and anything in between we unfortunately cannot store trash bags. Trash bags cannot be stored because the rip easily which does not put ODS in a position to provide our top notch quality service. However, a trash bag full of clothing, pillows, bedding, etc. can easily be put into a box, and we'd be happy to store that!


  • We provide mattress storage at most college and university locations, however in order for us to take the mattress it must be bagged. You are free to use your own mattress bags or use an ODS bag which can be purchased for $10-15 (depending on location). Bags can be picked up at ODS Box days at most colleges and universities we service. 


  • TVs must be boxed or ODS cannot store it. We suggest using the original box it came in or purchasing a TV box from the campus bookstore or a local store. 

Mini Fridges

  • Please unplug your fridge 48-72 hours before pickup to give it time to thaw. Fridges that are not thawed are subject to additional fees because they leak large amounts of water as the they thaw putting other students storage at risk of getting wet. Also, do not place any storage items inside your mini fridge, ODS is not responsible for their condition at drop off because inside a mini fridge is NOT best practice storage. 


  • Since a label cannot be easily affixed to certain suitcases you need to have a nametag on your suitcase as well as a label. At certain ODS locations we will have suitcase labels that you can use, however most suitcases come with nametag already attached. 

No Liquids

  • ODS does not store liquids because it puts your storage (and others) at risk of getting ruined if the liquids spill or leak inside your box.

No Illegal Substances

  • ODS does not allow the storage of illegal items. This includes, but is not limited to: drugs, alcohol, firearms, fireworks, or explosive or flammable materials. 

No Perishables

  • ODS does not allow the storage of food or other perishable items.

No Original Artwork

  • ODS does not store original artwork. Artwork can have huge monetary or sentimental value that requires it to have special storage conditions and you should make other arrangements for works of art that cannot be replaced.