How Our Storage Pickup Service Helps Students

Student Packing Books in a Box

As a student, you’re constantly in flux, between moving from dorm to dorm, apartment or apartment, or going away for a semester abroad. Moving all of your things every single year can be costly and exhausting, and living with a constant pile of boxes in the corner takes up valuable real estate in your limited space. OnDemand Storage realizes that students come from around the world for school and works to address the ever-changing needs storage needs of the student population in America by providing efficient and affordable solutions.

How OnDemand Storage Works for Students

Whether you are looking to store some belongings for the winter, the summer or an entire semester, OnDemand Storage has room for you! We will pick up your belongings and store them for however long you need—there are no minimum or maximum storage lengths! When you are back and ready to regain possession of your things, our representatives will deliver them to your right to your address! You’ll never have to step foot into your unit. If there is something you want from your unit, you can just log in and it will be delivered. You will be able to monitor your belongings remotely through our online app.

Packing Materials During ODS Box Days

Students who are signed up for OnDemand Storage will be able to participate in ODS Box Days. In the weeks before scheduled pickup days, representatives from OnDemand Storage will set up a station on campus for students to pick up boxes and additional packing materials. If you’ve been on the fence, OnDemand will also be accepting sign-ups during Box Day! Any student who signs up will be eligible for the packing materials.

Student Storage Solutions

If you are a student looking for simple, affordable storage, contact OnDemand Storage! We work with students at colleges and universities across the country. School can be stressful enough without having to worry about keeping your things secure when you move or leave campus. Our representatives will evaluate the size of the items you will be storing and determine the best unit size for your needs. If you are interested in learning more about student storage units, contact OnDemand Storage by calling (855) 216-6617 or by filling out our online contact form.