How Our Student Storage Services Work

Trust OnDemand Storage to safely secure all your items for you while you’re away from school. You can add photos to document all the items we store for you so you can see what’s in your virtual storage unit. This allows you to keep track of your items in storage so you'll never have to remember what you stored again. Students pay on a per-item basis so you’re in control of the price!

Summer Storage Options

Dorms are convenient for students, but moving all your stuff back home after the Spring semester and then lugging it back in the Fall is more of a hassle than it’s worth. With our options for summer storage, our professionals will come and pick up your belongings for you. Each campus OnDemand Storage services has custom schedules for supply handouts, storage pickup days, and redelivery of storage. We build our schedule at your school around your schools unique needs to maximize our convenient student storage service. 

  • During supply handout (ODS Box Day) you can meet our crew at a specified location on campus 1-2 weeks ahead of your scheduled pickup. You'll have access to FREE boxes and other packing materials. 
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Study Abroad Storage

Need a place to keep your things while you study abroad? We offer long-term storage solutions for students studying in other parts of the world. If you forget a specific item, you can call or put in a request online to have it delivered straight to you.

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Are you an international student? Out-of-state? If you need to get items from school to home we can ship them at a great discount. We still provide our convenient pickup and can ship immediately or store and ship!

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Competitive Pricing

College students have enough stress to deal with at the end of the year with various finals, papers, and interviews -- storing personal belongings shouldn’t be added to that list.

We put students in control of how much they pay. Our price for storage is on  per-item basis according to size. Service is probably more affordable than you think.

To learn more about our student storage pickup service  and other services, give us a call at (855) 216-6617.