CATS Academy - Storage Informational Questionnaire

Convenient Moving, Storage, & Shipping Designed for Cats Academy Students

OnDemand Storage Options for CATs Academy Students for 2020

What Are My Options?

OnDemand Storage currently has possession of your items in storage that we're left behind in your dorm room. CATs Academy has paid for the items to be stored until the end of August 2020. Please select an option from the survey below and fill out your information. After you have submitted your information, OnDemand Storage will reach out and provide a quote for shipping and junking. CATs will send a document with your storage total (covers cost for 3 months). If you select the storage option that amount will be billed to the card you put on file. When signing up please remember to use the Name that CATs Academy has on file.

Please Select An Action For Your Items In Storage

Please fill out the following information. OnDemand Storage will provide a quote to the email you put in below:

Price: $ 1.00

If you choose to keep your items in storage you will be charged per item in storage. Cats Academy has provided a document to let you know your total storage. This price covers your storage for 3 months. 

Price: $ 10.00

If you want OnDemand Storage to discard your items please fill out the information below. OnDemand Storage will send a quote for junking to your email.

Price: $ 25.00

Please email with the subject line: "Cats Pickup at ODS"

55 Teed Drive, Randolph, MA 02368

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