Northeastern University Student Storage in Boston, MA

FREE box delivery to NU

FREE box delivery to NU

Professionals pickup your stuff

Professionals pickup your stuff

Storage near Northeastern U

Storage near Northeastern U

Storage delivery to Northeastern

Storage delivery to Northeastern

Northeastern University Summer Storage

Our Northeastern University Summer Storage program is our most popular program at the school. Throughout April when the pressure is on to perform in the classroom, there are many less important things that can distract you from acing finals; summer storage is one of them so we'll take care of it whether you live on or off campus. With ODS, you or your family won't have to worry about transporting belongings to and from school anymore. Our facilities are 100% secure and our service is full service.  Watch this video to learn more:

Northeastern University Study Abroad Storage

Northeastern University offers study abroad programs and co-op opportunities with placements across five continents, and many students call their semester abroad the highlight of their college career. As you prepare for your time away, you may not want to bring all of your belongings home, and you won’t be able to take them all with you. OnDemand is proud to offer a solution that keeps your school things close to campus so moving back in is a breeze! Best of all, if you forget something we can ship anywhere in the world with substantial discounts. Whether you're storing for the summer or abroad watch this video!

OnDemand Storage Pricing for Northeastern Students

*prices listed denote cost for a 3 month period: summer, fall, or spring semester*

Per Item/ Period


Ironing Board


Step Ladder

Small Rug


Laptop Bag

Shoe Box

Per Item/ Period

Small Bins

Cube Fridge

Small Mirror

Duffle Bag


End Table

Plastic Drawers

Laundry Basket

Per Item/ Period

Clothes Bin

Clothes Rack

Mini Fridge

Mattress Topper


Large Suitcase

TV < 35"

Standing Lamp

Extra Large
Per Item/ Period

Large Bin


Office Chair


TV > 35"

Coffee Table

Large Rug


Yes! Not only do we hand out packing materials the ODS Box is the largest box in student storage.  On ODS Box Day we will be on campus in select locations handing out boxes, tape, mattress bags, etc. As long as you are signed up for a pickup date/time the boxes are free through April 16th*. Other materials may have additional charges at certain locations. 

ODS Box Day time/locations can be found on the NU student storage calendar and scheduled during the sign up process.  The calendar is updated in real time and always up to date. Check it out!

If an ODS Box Day does not work with your schedule please reach an associate at 781-499-5330 

  • After April 16th boxes cost $3/Box the cost will be added to your final storage cost. 

Sure! ODS Boxes are great; but if you want to use your own packing materials you may.

You can store your stuff for as long as you'd like. The prices listed on the page are a one time cost per semester period. A semester period in ODS terms is a 3-4 month period that includes one of the following: spring, summer, or fall semester. If you want to store for 2 periods (i.e. traveling abroad from January - September) the cost will be 2x the listed prices. 

This depends on where you go to school! At some locations we have the ability to return items at any time while at others we will complete pickups and/or returns at the beginning and end of semester. If you're curious to learn more about your specific situation feel free to call ODS as 781-499-5330!

Yes! We take pride in providing top notch service and taking care of your belongings. In the unlikely event something happens to one of your items you'll have the chance to purchase additional insurance during the sign out process. 

We hate to ruin the fun but we do have some rules...

  • Boxes over 45lbs are subject to additional fees
  • Missed pickup times are $100
  • Special pickup/delivery outside of offered windows - case by case
  • No liquids
  • Mattresses must be bagged 
  • No loose items 
  • No trundle beds 
  • Couches and futons in select markets only

Northeastern Storage Calendar

The storage calendar provides relevant information regarding ODS Box Days, regularly scheduled pickup days at Northeastern University Dorms, and re-delivery days. If you need boxes delivered or your items picked up on a day that is not marked on the calendar you should call 781-499-5330 as you will have to sign up over the phone. 

During ODS Box Days OnDemand Storage crew members will strategically park trucks on campus and distribute packing materials including boxes, mattress bags, etc. OnDemand Storage trucks will be parked outside the Visitor Center to distribute materials on the designated days, typically 1-2 weeks before storage pickup days begin.  

  • Pickup Any Day in December
  • Northeastern University was the site of the first World Series in 1903 (Boston won!). There is a statue of Cy Young in the center of campus marking the location of the pitcher's mound on the former Huntington Grounds.
  • Snell Library is open 24/7 and sees over 1 million visitors per year.
  • Northeastern has one of the oldest and largest co-op programs in the country, balancing academic studies with real-world professional experience. Students can work with companies in Boston or around the world, helping Northeastern achieve one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country.