Professional Packing Tips For Students


Student Storage and Packing Experts

At OnDemand Storage we are student storage and packing experts. We give students across the United States of America a stress-free and easy way to move in and out of school every year. We remove the burden of traveling to and from school with over packed cars or stressful airport experiences. While we're confident we provide the best student storage service in America, we suggest reading through the packing tips below to make sure all of your items are prepared for storage.

Wrap or bag your mattress when in transition

  • Wrapping or bagging your mattress when in transition is important because it ensures your mattress stays clean and is not damaged during the moving and storage process. You may either use your own mattress bag or purchase one from OnDemand Storage at an ODS Box day, typically a week or two before pickup days begin at your school. ODS Mattress bags cost $10-15/bag depending on your market.

Fill boxes appropriately

  • Packing with a strategy is important.
  • Use bubble wrap or packing paper to protect glass items. We suggest mixing some fragile items with softer items such as pillows or clothing.
  • Make sure boxes are under 50lbs as heavier boxes can threaten the integrity of the box risking the items inside.
  • If you have fragile items you must label the box as fragile.

Loose Items

  • You should try to box or bin all loose items.
  • Boxes and bins are easier to store and will be cheaper
  • ODS may not be able to take uncapped items
    • I.e. laundry hamper filled with clothing or miscellaneous items.


  • Use packing tape to seal boxes. If you do not have packing tape then please reach out to ODS. At most colleges and universities we service we will be able to supply these items, but double check.
  • Please aim to seal boxes before ODS crew arrives for pickup to streamline the pickup process.
  • Do not use duct tape as it does not stick to cardboard boxes well over a long period of time.

Labeling Items

  • All items should be labeled using an ODS label. To print the labels click Here! Student_Storage_Labels
  • Attach a label to every item you plan to put into storage.
  • Label items in a manner that make sense to you. If you need an item back it will be easily identifiable.


  • Televisions should be boxed in a TV box or the original box it came in.
  • ODS cannot store unboxed TVs
  • Using bubble wrap or Styrofoam inside the box is a great second layer of protection.

Clothing Storage

  • Using bins or wardrobe boxes are great for keeping clothes fresh and wearable out of the box.
  • A wardrobe box is best to use for dress clothes (dresses, suits, etc.) as they offer better protection against permanent creasing.