Tips for Subletting your Boston Apartment

Hello City-Dwellers! Here are some tips for subletting your Boston apartment. Subletting sounds great in theory, it sounds like an easy way out of a contract that no longer suits your needs, but like most things in life – there us more than meets the eye!

The first step is to READ YOUR CONTRACT and make sure you have the legal ability to sublet your apartment. Many times, individuals run into trouble when they tell their friend they can sublet their apartment from them. Then, your friend locks him/herself out of your apartment and decided to call the property manager, who then¬†learns you’ve sublet your apartment. The result: your friend is on the street and you’re on the hook for the rent! It may make for sense to “break” your lease (this is typically a 1 month rent penalty). Moral of the story here is to find your friend who is in law school or a real estate lawyer and do some self educating here.

So you’ve checked with your lease and/or your landlord and you’re ready to sublet your apartment. Here are some other tips to help you have a smooth transition during your sublease

  1. U Loop РIf you live in the Fenway/Kenmore area this is a perfect site for you. Many times university students need to sublet their apartments for the summer or before graduation. This is also a great place to look for an apartment to sublease if you are in need of a shorter-term obligation than the traditional 12 month lease.
  2. Ask your roommates – YOU may be moving on, but your roommates are not. Therefore, you must consider them in the decision because they are going to have to live with this new roomie. It always pays to be courteous.
  3. They are YOUR tenant – when you decide to sublet your apartment the new tenant becomes your tenant. Legally, you are their landlord. It might help to meet this person face to face to get a better feel if it’s someone you can depend on to do well by you.
  4. Prepare for your exit: If you’re going to a new city or on a trip consider using a storage option. OnDemand Storage will send collection specialists to help you pack, label, and prepare your belongings for storage. We then take them to our climate controlled storage facility in Boston for safekeeping until you return. Through your virtual storage unit, you now have the ability track and request items at any time!


79% of Boston leases start on 9/1. Subleasing may be your only option outside this rental period.