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Tips to Declutter Your Home

Boston storage unitsDecluttering a space can be a rewarding and therapeutic process to many homeowners.  When it comes to organizing your space, On Demand Storage is here to help by not only supplying convenient Boston storage units but by providing helpful tips to clean your area.

Since the kitchen is a vital area in your home, we recommend starting the decluttering process there. Cardboard boxes are often bulky and inefficient when it comes to keeping your food clean, which is why we like to store our food in airtight storage containers and jars. Containers save space in your cabinets and pantry by being stackable and more proficient. While transferring your food to storage containers, we recommend tossing any food or spices that may be old or never to clear space for new food.

Moving on to the living room area and entrance area, we recommend utilizing baskets to help organize your space. Baskets are a great way to keep items together while hiding them visually. We like to store shoes in baskets near the front door while using baskets to store blankets and movies in the living room. Baskets add a decorative touch to your space while helping organize your items.

At On Demand Storage, we provide clean and affordable Boston storage units to help store the items you may not have room for in your home. Contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our prices and facilities.


5 Tips to Storing a Couch Properly

Boston storage unitsAt OnDemand Storage, we understand the importance of safeguarding your belongings by properly storing them to ensure you can use them for years to come. Below we have listed 5 tips on how to properly store and preserve your couch in our Boston storage units.

  1. Say no to plastic! It is vital to allow your furniture to breathe during the moving and storing process. While many believe plastic safeguards your couches from debris and dirt, it actually damages your furniture by suffocating the fabric.
  2. Say yes to old sheets! Instead of covering your couch with plastic, utilize old sheets and blankets to cover your couches during the move and in storage. These materials are best to protect your couch because it allows the fabric to breathe while protecting the fabric from scratches and dirt.
  3. It is important to ensure your couch is 4 to 8 inches away from walls to allow for proper airflow within the unit.
  4. We recommend storing your couch horizontally rather than vertical due to the damage that can result to the coils and inner parts of your couch.
  5. Refrain from using your couch as another surface for storage. Stacking heavy items on your couch can result in damage and rips in the fabric.

If you are interested in our Boston storage units, look to the professionals at OnDemand Storage to ensure your items stay safe and secure! Contact us today at (855) 216-6617 to learn more about our storage packages.



Keep Belongings Safe in our Boston Storage Units

Boston storage unitsWhether you’re moving out of a dorm or need to clear up some space in your home, On Demand Storage has you covered with our highly secure Boston storage units. Our main goal is to provide all of our customers with more time, more space, and more convenience in their lives. Rather than dealing with rental trucks and movers, our full-service storage company will deliver the items you need, when you need them.

Keeping your items locked away in a storage facility is a great way to keep them safe and secure, especially when you’re moving or attempting to clear out space in your home. All of your belongings are safe with us and you’ll never have to worry about damage or stolen property. We’re also a great way for local college students to store their personal dorm supplies during the summer or while housing arrangements change.

Give us a call today at 1-855-216-6617 to learn more about our storage options for Boston residents and students. We guarantee your belongings will remain safe and secure in our units until you’re ready to have them back into your room or home. We’ll also pick up your items and deliver them to you, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of traveling back and forth for your stuff.

Benefits of Storage With Pick Up

There are far more than three Benefits of storage with pick up, but for the sake of this blog we’ll leave it to three, I don’t to keep you here all night.

  1. No Renting or Borrowing a Truck –  Nobody likes driving a large truck, it’s a stressful and anxiety inducing experience. We’re used to driving around in our sedans (maybe an SUV) and then all of a sudden we’re expected to a load a giant rental truck full of our valuables and maneuver it up to a service door so we can unload it?  The only scenario worse than renting a truck is asking a friend to borrow their truck! Borrowing something only

    Don’t get stuck driving one of these! Let ODS do all the work for you.

    adds more stress because it’s always uncomfortable to ask a friend to for something they made need for their job.

  2. Lifting Heavy Objects – Everyone has lifted something and then felt their back immediately tighten up knowing the next two weeks are going to be full of back stretches and heating pads. “On-demand” style storage is storage with pick up at the customers home. This means we come to your home, do all the heaving lifting/ loading and whisk your items away to be stored until you need them.
  3. No Searching for a Storage Unit – You know what they say in real estate…location, location, location! That statement has never been less true than with OnDemand Storage. We pick up your storage and bring it to our secure facility – this completely nullifies the relevance of location. Your storage unit is with you 24/7/365 accessible from any mobile device, tablet, or desktop so you never have to search for a convenient location ever again. Just one quick click or call and your belongings are on their way back to you!